Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sek Yuen Restaurant @ Pudu

A gem at Pudu, KL. A restaurant that manage to maintain the 50's feel in this city. A restaurant that is a well known among the local folks. A restaurant where we can still see waiters wearing white shirt and black pants, just like what we normally see in 50's cantonese drama.

I saw torn and faded table cloth, but who cares? You are not goin to eat the cloth...
They have 2 shops with similar signboard. 1 with air-cond, 1 not. If you want to feel more nostalgia, probably you can choose to dine at non air-cond area...

There were 8 of us. I have read from bloggers on food recommendation and knew what to ordered before we went there....

Their specialty
Pei Pa Duck
We only ordered half as we had another duck dish later on.
Roasted perfectly, lean meat and i like the crispy skin. Definitely can beat those roasted duck sold outside...

Another specialty
Pat Po Duck a.k.a Eight Treasure Duck
Gotta order this in advance as it requires plenty cooking time...

Treasures in there...
we found ginkgo, mushrooms, roasted meat, lotus seeds and so on.
The duck has been braised to perfection, and all of us gave a thumbs up for the gravy. Very good to pair it with rice.
Kwai Fa Egg
Basically is eggs with sharkfin, and wrapped in lettuce.
This is a very traditional dish, where we normally find in the 4 treasure plate normally served in any wedding in outstation area. I have never encounter such dish in any restaurant in KL though...
It was fragrant with the eggy smell, but i found it lacked of taste, and requested for chili sauce...hehe...

Fatt Poot
Yam Ring
Basically is yam paste fried in a big ring form, and laden with stir-fry items . The yam was really really good. Crispy skin yet was mushy enough, flavourful!
My family members are all fans of this, gotta recommend to them, especially my dad.
Kar Heong vegetables
A medley of wood ear, dry lily bulbs, soohoon, bean curd slices, shredded cabbage etc, fried with nam yue (red color kinds of fermented tofu). The nam yue gave this a very robust flavour, many liked it...

Sea cucumber braised with 猪筋
In my personal opinion, the sea cucumber was a little way too soggy. Perhaps over-braised? Nonetheless, the 猪筋 was "Q" enough....

My ex-ex- colleagues!
It was very nice to see you guys here, bidding farewell to me. Such a long time since we last had our gathering...
My god! 3 kids joined us on that day, like giving those unmarried people like Mie, a little bit of pressure ehhh? Haha!
Sek Yuen
313 and 315, Jalan Pudu, KL
03-9222 9457

A place that does not need good food presentation but still manage to capture my heart. Sek Yuen, you are the one (among many :P)


  1. Hi,Jamie,my name Angel, actually I am the Fans of that stall Fried Nian Gao, but i knew they has moved. So can u let me know where the Fried Nian Gao stall located now?and where is the Restaurant Steam fish head u been? Thank you so much if u can reply!

  2. Hi Angel.. the fried nian gao stall has moved to Pasarakyat food court. The food court at Imbi opposite Imbi bus station. The nian gao stall is just inside the "section" of the steam fish head. I have blogged about it before. Check out my "bukit bintang" section...Happy eating =)

  3. Hi, Jamie, Thanks for ur kind. I'll try to check it out, luckily i found ur blog here. maybe i will c u there one day ya. Take K!

  4. Very interesting food blogging!

  5. it's time to update your blog ya :) my chungsin ex-classmates

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  7. Nice food photos and interesting blogging ;p