Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sek Yuen Restaurant @ Pudu

A gem at Pudu, KL. A restaurant that manage to maintain the 50's feel in this city. A restaurant that is a well known among the local folks. A restaurant where we can still see waiters wearing white shirt and black pants, just like what we normally see in 50's cantonese drama.

I saw torn and faded table cloth, but who cares? You are not goin to eat the cloth...
They have 2 shops with similar signboard. 1 with air-cond, 1 not. If you want to feel more nostalgia, probably you can choose to dine at non air-cond area...

There were 8 of us. I have read from bloggers on food recommendation and knew what to ordered before we went there....

Their specialty
Pei Pa Duck
We only ordered half as we had another duck dish later on.
Roasted perfectly, lean meat and i like the crispy skin. Definitely can beat those roasted duck sold outside...

Another specialty
Pat Po Duck a.k.a Eight Treasure Duck
Gotta order this in advance as it requires plenty cooking time...

Treasures in there...
we found ginkgo, mushrooms, roasted meat, lotus seeds and so on.
The duck has been braised to perfection, and all of us gave a thumbs up for the gravy. Very good to pair it with rice.
Kwai Fa Egg
Basically is eggs with sharkfin, and wrapped in lettuce.
This is a very traditional dish, where we normally find in the 4 treasure plate normally served in any wedding in outstation area. I have never encounter such dish in any restaurant in KL though...
It was fragrant with the eggy smell, but i found it lacked of taste, and requested for chili sauce...hehe...

Fatt Poot
Yam Ring
Basically is yam paste fried in a big ring form, and laden with stir-fry items . The yam was really really good. Crispy skin yet was mushy enough, flavourful!
My family members are all fans of this, gotta recommend to them, especially my dad.
Kar Heong vegetables
A medley of wood ear, dry lily bulbs, soohoon, bean curd slices, shredded cabbage etc, fried with nam yue (red color kinds of fermented tofu). The nam yue gave this a very robust flavour, many liked it...

Sea cucumber braised with 猪筋
In my personal opinion, the sea cucumber was a little way too soggy. Perhaps over-braised? Nonetheless, the 猪筋 was "Q" enough....

My ex-ex- colleagues!
It was very nice to see you guys here, bidding farewell to me. Such a long time since we last had our gathering...
My god! 3 kids joined us on that day, like giving those unmarried people like Mie, a little bit of pressure ehhh? Haha!
Sek Yuen
313 and 315, Jalan Pudu, KL
03-9222 9457

A place that does not need good food presentation but still manage to capture my heart. Sek Yuen, you are the one (among many :P)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yu Ai Seafood Noodle @ Segambut

As i mentioned in earlier post, the place where i stay is a food heaven, from local to international cuisine. This week is the last week of me in KL before moving down south, yearning for some tasty local food, i drag my bro to Yu Ai Seafood at Segambut to have my seafood noodles craving answered...

Yu Ai is located in a shoplot nearby area sprawled with medium/small industrial lots.
They offer seafood noodles in 3 version:
Soup, Curry or Tom Yam
You may choose preferred type of noodles such as beehon, mee, kueytiaw, yee mee and so on.
They do offer fish head noodle nowadays.

We chose to be seated outside although they have an "indoor" section. We found it very hot that day, and they are cooking the noodles in the shop itself, better to stay far away to avoid being over dehydrated!

Curry seafood noodles
RM17 for big version

Tomyam seafood noodles
RM15 for small version

What is inside: prawns, clams, fish slice, squid
As for the taste, i absolutely love the spiciness and thick taste of the tom yam. Couldn't stop slurping it! Could have finished it if not that i am worried of msg over-laden.

Got my craving done and tummy perfectly filled!
This seafood noodle place is definitely a must for food lover, OCCASIONALLY la.... (well in my humble opinion) due to its price.

Some people commented that it is expensive, well i am 1 of them. However, i do not mind to splurge on it occasionally....
Add: No 42, Jalan Segambut Utara, 51200 KL.
Opening hours: 8 am - 5 pm
Branch in PJ SS2: No. 58, Jalan SS2/10, 47300 Petaling Jaya
Opening hours: 11 am - 9.30 pm

My Farewell (X)

On my last day in office, the witty Natalie wanted to buy me lunch and asked my opinion where to go. I really miss local food so i suggested Yap Hup Kee yong tau foo @ Pudu. I really love theire chee cheong fun!

This time, i chose to have the ccf with curry sauce.
Laden with dried shrimp, it was a goodness in a small bowl...

There were 4 of us, we chose to have fried beancurd sheets, pork balls, bittergourds, tofu and the everly sinful, braised-fried intestines! I really recommend the fried intestines!

Oh well, another reason why i chose to go Pudu is for over 8 dozens of egg tarts from Tong Kee!
I really wanted to buy something for the friends in the Firm before i leave, so i guess a piece of nice egg tart would be perfect!

Silky smooth fillings and flaky crust...
Yum Yum!

I hope you guys enjoyed the egg tart ehh!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Restoran Soon Soon Lye Salmon Fish Head @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong

Wanted to "rescue" my hair before going down south. Was at Puchong, headed to Bandar Puteri for a quick lunch before the salon appointment. As i said earlier, wanted to eat local foods more often before flying off, so i chose to have fish head noodles as lunch....

I had lunch here before with my bro long time ago but never blog about it. This round, i found that their service has improved, probably because it was still early before the lunch crowd came in. So they had only a few patrons to serve...

Wanted to treat myself a good meal, ordered
Salmon Fish Head Noodle with Fresh Water Prawn
Not cheap, since i ordered fresh water prawn.
Honestly, i like the broth very much. Very sweet, and with the rightful amount of tanginess from the preserved veges.
It was actually a big bowl of goodness, generous amount of thick beehoon, and the fried salmon head and the fresh water prawn. Probably the soup was sweeter from the prawn roe. Afterall, any soup will taste better with prawn added in.....
The way i like the fish head noodle to be....
I will definitely miss this...lucky me to be able to savour this before i leave the town...

It is actually right opposite Ah Xian Dimsum at Bandar Puteri Puchong

Oh dear, i haven't try Ah Xian dimsum!

Teochew Seafood Noodle @ Jalan Ipoh

The area where i am staying is actually a food gem, especially local foods. It's close to Sri Hartamas, Solaris is only less than 5 minutes drive away, and pretty near to areas selling good cheap local foods. Jalan Ipoh is a long stretch of road, and nearby the Plaza Sungai Mas, there are a few food centres and lines of hawker stalls. Me and bro will usually head to this area during weekend lunch if we do have nowhere specific to go....
There is a stall selling teochew seafood noodles specifically. What made teochew seafood noodles special is their soup. Very clear but not losing it's sweetness and the oomph! I think i have blog about this before. Nevermind, i do not mind to share this little hidden gem again...
There are a lot of varieties of seafood to choose from. From the normal teochew fishball, clams, mussels, prawns, sliced MA YAU fish, even LONG TAN fish...Price ranging from RM3.50 to RM10++, depending what you order...

You can choose the noodles from a variety like beehoon, kueytiaw, yee-mee, mee suah and so on, and choose to want it dry or in soup.
This round, i ordered mussels, with additional of fish dumplings. The fish dumplings were really great!

Piping hot soup in a hot day!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

China Town Seng Kee Claypot Lou Shee Fun

I am sure i will miss Malaysia food a lot when i am in Singapore. That is why i am trying to savour local food as often as possible while i am still in town now. A very good friend of mine know about this and willing to drive me to an area that i will never go alone, Petaling Street. I do not like the area for "you-know" reason, but i do like the many varieties of good food offered there. Laksa, porridge, chee cheong fun, hokkien mee...u name it. And there's another "wow" factor that attracted me here.....
~ Claypot Lou Shee Fun ~

Stir stir stir


I like everything in claypot. I like anything mixed with minced meat, and mixed with raw eggs. So the claypot lou shee fun fits into my favourite food list...There are quite a few places serving this but nowhere beats the version serves here (at least in my humble opinion).

The top of the claypot is full of minced meat. Very generous though. Thick soy sauce and the burnt smell at the bottom of the pot, all were perfect. Yummy! Put in a little bit of cili padi or their sambal belacan....Whoaaaaa!!!!!!!

We did order some side dishes to go with...

Fried dumplings

Crunchy on the outside. Juicy and flavourful on the inside. This version surely beats those served in dim sum place...

Stir Fried 生肠
Honestly we didn't like this. The pig intestines were not Q enough. They used a lot of fried shallots to cover the taste, ended up almost half of the plate were full of the fried shallots.
Totally fail max...

They do serve many other chinese dishes, but we usually stick to the claypot lou shee fun and the fried dumplings. Never want to get disappointed, like what we had for the stir fried 生肠...haha...

BY the way, they are located opposite Hotel Malaya, a few doors next to Hotel Swiss Inn at Petaling Street. You may park at Hotel Malaya though...

My Farewell (IX)

15 April 2010 was my last day in the Firm. I reserved the dinner session for my group members. Thank you Esther who gathered so many people for this dinner. I had fun...and i could see that everyone was having fun too....
They were so happy...why ah?

I really like steamboat. I think i will miss this very much after i go to Singapore...
We were at HO HO Steamboat @ Segambut. I wanted to come here for a special dish actually...

Some extra ingredients we ordered.
Fish slices, pork bacon and some balls...

This is it! The special dish that i mentioned.
Crab roe!
Not cheap, but we had around 20 pax that day so it wouldn't hurt too much...haha....
The fresh roe looked so fake to me actually. I wonder was it really from the crabs....

Cook, cook, cook
Boil, boil, boil

Thank you girls and guys! We had wonderful night that time!
The boss even gave us some free Heineken so we used that to pose! Haha...
See you guys around soon! Good luck to all!

My Farewell (VIII)

Another farewell dinner with my beloved colleagues. This round was with Jessica, Pauline and Yenn Yeen. They were extremely busy with the audit peak periods but still managed to spare out some time to bid farewell to me =)
We went to The Apartment Downtown @ KLCC for a quick dinner, since all of them need to be back to office again after that (this the life of audit professionals!)

The Apartment @ KLCC has 2 floors, with a built-in lift. We were arranged to sit at 2nd floor, with the KLCC fountains as our views. So romantic-nya....haha....
Drink selection wise, i found that it's just pretty normal.
So i ordered Lemonade, to quench the thirst and to wash down the HEAVY meal later...
Me with Pauline

Me with Jess and Yenn Yeen

This is their signature dish, but i forgotten the name
Clams served with breads
Quite a generous portion of clams being served
Fish and Chips!
The chips were nice!

Roasted chicken spaghetti

This is called "Jamie's Roasted Duck Fettucini"
destined for me to order this la....haha....
Very very flavourful and topped with some pine nuts.
A very huge serving, i had some difficulties in finishing it!

A group picture!
Thanks all for the treat!

Friday, April 23, 2010

My Farewell (VII)

I like that the managers in my group are a bunch of funny people. We have been together as a team, leading the team members for quite some years. It is a bit pity to leave a team that has performed well in the Firm. It is a bit sad to leave such a wonderful team.
I was surprised when Ed organised the awesome seafood farewell dinner for me. And the venue? Robson Heights at Taman Seputeh. A restaurant that i read the reviews from floggers. A place that is famous of crabs, my all time favourite!

Some photo session before everyone turned up
Seong Yeen, Mie, Beth, Ju and Mandy
Girl power!

With Ed. We have been in the same firm(s)..haha...
Thanks for the guidance all these years!

with Sam, who is taking over my portfolio
Good luck!

with ManMan
miss our lunches and dinners together!

this is the mixture of Guinness Stout and Heineken
i didn't quite like the taste of this mixture, so easy to get dizzy after drinking it!

This is awesome!
Claypot crabby rice. Need to wait at least 40 minutes for this.
While the crab was a bit tad dry (maybe because it's being "soaked" too long in the claypot), we all loved the rice indeed. Very flavourful.
I really do not know how to describe but it's just wonderful...
A little bit over-oily, but maybe it's this devil that made it so amazing.
I feel like having this for dinner today...haha...


Their another signature dish
It was perfectly cooked that the meat was easily stripped off from the bones.
Rich in flavour...

Other dishes to make you drooling!!!!

Steamed 田鸡with Brands essence

Steamed fish
I don't know what fish is this but it tasted good. Afterall i love steamed fish!

Crab again!
Salted egg yolk...1 of my favourite cooking method.
They have another signature dish, Fresh water prawn with tanghoon, but they ran out of fresh water prawn that day, so we swapped it with lobster!

Another drooling!!!!
So we had have enough...everyone was so full. Another photo session to end the night (not quite!)
with Tuck Wai, my unit leader
Thanks for all your consideration given all these years. Sadly i have never work with him ever since i joined the Firm!

with JC, cute boss =)

with KH, my client once said he looked like a superstar!
We then adjourned to KW's house which is nearby for wine drinking. Didn't manage to snap a lot of pictures cos my camera ran out of battery...

Final 2 photos of the night, with the Wonderful bosses.
Thanks for everything, everything, and everything!