Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Canton-i @ The Gardens - Revisit

Me and Man Man were at The Gardens attending the CPA seminar last week. We went for some shopping after it ended, then we adjourned to Canton-i for an early dinner... Since it's pretty early for dinner around 6++pm, there were not many patrons around...

We ordered "Pou Lei" chinese tea
I have been taking quite a bit of coffee in the seminar, and i consumed this for dinner.
Caffeine overdose came to effect at night!
Struggled to sleep!

Dry Noodles with BBQ Pork
Like the BBQ taste a lot. Tender Charsiew!
The noodles was a bit dry though, so we mixed with a bit of soup....
Overall this dish was rather satisfying!

Sticky porridge, the way cantonese style should be
Laden with generous amount of ingredients like peanuts, shredded pork, pork skin, dry cuttlefish and etc...
Good, but MSG was added anyway...

My favourite!
Steamed Milk with Ginger
Am a fans of ginger and this tasted real good
Soft and not overly steamed

The dinner costed us approximately RM50++. Probably overpriced ehh???

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Monday, June 29, 2009

My B'day treat (V) - Little Taiwan @ Avenue K

Another birthday treat on last Monday, this round was from KN, a very good mate of mine in office. We went to a quick dinner at Little Taiwan @ Avenue K since we need to go back office to work after that T_________T

Pearl Milk Tea & YinYong Pearl Milk Tea

I tried the Pearl Milk Tea before which was good. I tried the YinYong Pearl Milk Tea that night and ended up couldn't sleep! What a strong caffeine effect! But it was good afterall!

Lion's Head 狮子头

It's actually pork meat ball, and this was really flavourful. The meatball was very chewy. Good!

KN's Chicken Chop rice

Chicken chop was tender, and the rice was topped with the braised meat sauce that Taiwanese fancied

Meat Dumpling

Dan Dan Noodle 担担面
Soup noodles with some braised meat, braised egg and some salted vege
I like this version of noodle, not too heavy, if only we eat it on its own!
Ended up couldn't finish it cos we ordered too much for only 2 of us !

Sesame Prawn Toast
Something new, and it's real nice lo...
Very fragrant~~~

See our table full of foods!
Thanks KN for the lovely dinner... You are adorable ~~~
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A rather cosy place for a decent and affordable Taiwanese cuisine....

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hawker food @ Win Heng Seng, Imbi

Let's take some break from the birthday post. The lunch kakis went to Imbi again for lunch on last Monday. Felt a bit bored with MeiSin that we frequented so we headed to Win Heng Seng to try out other foods. See here for my previous post on this shop....

Barley Lime
RM1 ++
Refreshing + cooling

Pork noodles, dry version
Approximately RM 4 - 5

Pork noodles, soup version
Approximately RM 4 - 5

This is actually comparable with the one offered at Mei Sin, which is only a stone throw away from this shop. Generous amount of ingredients included. The soup was tasty and not that salty too...

We ordered a plate of Char Kuay Teow to share
Think this is less than RM5
We never expect this to be so flavourful and full of "wok-hei"
Finally found a good place to savour this authentic Penang dish

The stall selling the CKT

We ordered this braised tofu and eggs too
Blog about this before if you noticed, and we loved it very much
The stall selling the braised stuff
This stall is also famous for its chicken rice. Gotta try it next time
Saw this uncle baking the delicious tarts and pastries, so Sheng got a box to try out

Mini egg tart, coconut tart, pineapple tart, siew pao
All freshly baked daily
I tried the pineapple tart and it's real good! The pineapple filling was not too sweet, ngam ngam!
Probably it's fresh so that's why la...

This is the stall selling the pastries
Expect beelines during lunch hour!
This shop has become our frequent lunch place from now onwards =)

My B'day treat (IV) - Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

So my birthday treat continued on the next day on Friday. Had a date with my bunch of JiMuis which i have known since school times. Time flies~~~~

We had dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. at The Curve. The restaurant occupies 2 floors, with a souvenir shop at the side. Loads of Forrest Gump memorabilia is displayed on the walls, tables and everywhere else. There are also some Jacob crackers on the table for you to snack while waiting for your food. But don't fill up too much on the crackers as the food portions are huge!

Few rules here to make your dining experience a unique one. There are 2 plates for you to show on the table:

Show this if you do not want anyone to interrupt your meal

Show this if you want the waiters/waitress to stop

If i ever wallop the whole thing on the table??....no eye see
So let's put some reviews on the orders that we made!

Strawberry Lemonade - like the tanginess feel
Blueberry Smoothies - tasted like yoghurt drink which was real fruity!
Mango Sparkler - normal mango drink
Onion Rings
So gigantic! Like the way they presented it!
The best version of onion ring i ever tried. Very nice indeed...

Salmon and vege Skillet
Grilled salmon and fresh vege with garlic herbs butter, served with jasmine rice
Flavourful rice with a taste of sourness...we like it.

Some kind of baked rice, can't remember the name
This is real additive, due to its creamy and cheesy flavour.
You just want to dig and dig the rice, regardless of how fattening it is..haha...

What's the point dining in Bubba Gump without ordering shrimp?
We got the Shrimper's Heaven, a combination of 4 types of shrimps
Tempura shrimp, Coconut Shrimp, Chilly Shrimp (chilled boiled) and Fried Shrimp
Whatever the version is, we truly enjoy this platter
Comes with coleslaw and fries, and some dipping which goes really well with the shrimps

Run Across American Sampler
Some of the assortment was hidden..sorry o
Tortilla chips with dips, Chilly shrimp, Fried shrimp and Spicy Chicken Strips
A rather good platter for sharing, we couldn't stop munching on the tortilla chips!

So it was my birthday, got to do some show in front of all the patrons!
I wonder how did i manage to perform such that day?
Got to shake my booty somemore....phew~~~~

Candle blowing time!!

Thanks my dearest JiMuis for this dinner celebration!
I heart the lovely cupcakes too!
We missed PeiYee who couldn't make it last minute but we will look forward for the next birthday celebration!

The cousins!

We were amazed on how the waiters here balance cups of water… well if you go there, get your whole table to order ice water and see how the waiter brings you the cups =). This is not the place for those who is watching their weight or cholesterol level since most of the foods are fried and high in carb. Prices are a bit high in my view, not super high but high enough to make you feel the pinch. Anyway, it's definitely a great place to try if you have not been here, and it's great place for some gathering with your buddies too...

Birthday girl had a blast @ Bubba Gump

A final photo with the gang..all pretty ladies ehh? ^_^
Advertised for Bubba Gump for free..hehe...

Belated Father's Day celebration

Mom and dad drop by at our place yesterday on the way from Seremban back to hometown. So we made it to a dinner nearby our place to celebrate the belated Father's day. It's a must to bring my dad for chinese cuisine. Why? No idea, ask my dad la!

Been long since i last taken pictures with my parents

Dinner was at Crystal Palm Seafood Restaurant, Jalan Ipoh
Not many people are aware of the existence of this restaurant. I knew it as my cousin work as a chef here previously. The previous owner was a well-known chef in the industry but has since sold off the restaurant to a new owner, just recently. We were stunt when the waitress told us this, fearing that the food quality will not be the same as before....

Let's see what we ordered...

Double boiled Shark Bone with Chicken Soup
This is real good. Tasted sweet and boiled to perfection.
My parents liked this very much too. Mom said it could help in strengthening our bone ...
Stir fry vege with anchovies

双拼 - 芥末虾 奶油虾
2 combination - Wasabi and Buttermilk Prawn
Succulent prawn, and fresh too. Heart the buttermilk taste, but the wasabi was not as "electrifying" as we expected. Should have put more wasabi to add the kick!

Braised Pork Rib with Bittergourd
Dad is a bittergourd lover so i think this suited him a lot.
Pretty good version of claypot braised food, really has the "wok-hei"!
Chillis added in has provided the little spiciness that i like.
Best to go with white rice!
Honey Cod Fish
We normally eat steam version of cod fish. This was the 1st time i ate pan fried version, and it's actually good!
My eyes went drooling when it was served. The honey made it more flavourful.

Do we look alike? ^_^

Dinner costs RM301.45, included rice, tea, napkins, tax and etc. Worth it? Hmmm...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My B'day treat (III) - Shanghai 10 @ Avenue K

I work at Megan Avenue II, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, if you are aware. So, paying visits to KLCC and Avenue K during lunch hour sometimes is a norm to my office people. We tend to visit these 2 places if we need to go somewhere nice (in terms of food and ambience). There are many popular eateries opened in Avenue K previously but was closed down, eg: Kiku Zakura and Kim Gary. I wonder why.... One that still stand strong (or rather surviving?) is Shanghai 10, which i have frequented many times too....
This was my N visits to Shanghai 10 @ Avenue K. Why? Because we (office gang) always visited here for any kind of occasion, be it birthday, farewell or whatever, especially lunch hour. Sometimes we even feel sick of eating too much here! But it has been 3 months since i last visited so i guess it's ok for my other gang of office mates to bring me here for my birthday treat :p

Let's see what we ordered for 6 girls of us...

上海 龙抄手
Dumpling in spicy sauce
Good version of dumplings in its sweet and spicy sauce

The signature XiaoLong Bao
Lots of soup splurging out from the thin skin. They are able to maintain the quality of this XiaoLongBao everytime i visit...Good!

The ever delicious Mango Shrimp
Like the tanginess feel of the mango stuffed in

Shrimp in FooChok
Another good fried style dimsum here

Avocado Roll
I tried this in previous visits and they always taste good. But my gang who tried this during this visit commented that it tasted awkward, not as good as before. It really depends on occasion...

Steamed Ma Lai Kou
Soft and fluffy, not too sweet
Love it~~~

Steam FooChok Dumpling

Their signature Fried Rice
Profesionally fried, the rice grains are very distinguished
Strong "wok-hei" too!

My favourite in Shanghai 10, since i can't find it elsewhere in KL
Fried Shanghai "Fen Pi" with crab roe
It always comes with generous amount of succulent prawns!
Trust me, you gotta order this if you are in Shanghai 10. Real no regret!

Pan Fried Dumpling
Normal meat dumpling

It seems that we have ordered too much for 6 of us. But still Ok la...hehe
Thanks babe for buying me this lovely lunch
~~ Muacks ~~