Sunday, March 21, 2010

A day out with Regene ~ Winter Warmers Cafe @ The Curve

I went for a shopping day with Regene yesterday at The Curve. We are cousin sis, school mate, room mate and tuition mate before but we never happen to hang out together, at only 2 of us. Lucky i had this opportunity to spend some quality time with her before moving down south...
We decided to have a hi-tea instead of lunch, so we headed to Winter Warmers, a cafe that i have been knowing for many years, yearning to try for so many times, until finally managed to step in to this awesome cafe yesterday....

We ordered Afternoon Tea Set @ RM29.90
The set comes with selection of black tea for each person, but we can choose to upgrade to other beverages by the additional RM1...
Honestly this was the very first time i tried English afternoon tea set, so let's see what's in there...

Butter and chocolate cookies
Crunchy and very fragrant with its rich butter taste...guilty after eating this!

2 pieces of cakes
Chocolate and orange cheese (if i'm not mistaken)
The choc cake was very moistful and rich in chocolatey taste, while the orange cheese had a little sourish taste...

The lowest part, we had scones and sandwhiches
The sandwich was a little bit dry (the bread), so-so only
I like the scone, i am a scone lover. Too bad they didn't provide the cream, only butter and jam given. It would have tasted better with cream...

Regene's cappuccino
I like their cups!

My mix fruit cocktail tea, served with honey
Good to wash down the carbo and fats that we have indulged just now...haha...

Some obligatory photo with the tea set tower ^_^

Gotta have more of this hang out again!

Managed to get 2 complimentary ice-cream voucher from New Zealand Natural from the wheel-spin at The Curve. The first time i tried this ice-cream brand tooo....

Yogurt berry and Chocloate Ecstasy (their star seller)
The chocolate ecsrasy was very sinful, very rich in chocolate taste!
Another good option for ice-cream other than Haagen Dazs and Baskin Robbins...

Regene, our next outing will be before my official move to Singapore ehhh???

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sushi Tei @ Tropicana City Mall

Sushi Tei is a Japanese chain restaurant from Singapore. First heard about it last year but only managed to try it today, to celebrate Wai Yee's birthday, 1 of my best buddy in KL....Some say its foods are so-so, some say excellent. Well, we'll see how it goes....

What they offered is pretty much the same with other Japanese chain, with a few "new" items that we never seen in other least they serve sea urchin here (which is very NOT affordable for me lah....haha....)

Hot Ocha for us 3

Birthday girl ^^

Salmon Carpaccio RM10.80
Seared salmon with soy sauce (or sesame?), topped with alfalfa
Very fresh. Like it very much...

Chicken Katsu Soba
While the soba tasted good with a very clear and sweet soup, the chicken katsu somehow let us down with its dryness. Prefer it to be more juicy...

Salmon belly sushi (at behind) RM6.00
Salmon roll with 3 kinds of different ebiko (forgot the price)
All i can say is good. Amazing.

Grilled scallop with mayonaise
The sauce has a hint of garlic, and it's pretty filling up the tummy after eating this. Some kind of "jelak". Ended up we ate the chicken katsu together with the sauce and it tasted pretty good too...

Grilled salmon with cod roe RM15.80
Thumbs up for this!
The salmon was not overly grilled, just perfect to be eaten together with the cod roe on top. Cod roe was smooth and silky enough, a perfect combination!
I am craving more for this!

Chawanmushi ordered by the birthday girl, which we found it just normal

We also ordered the Grilled squid which was giant in size. Not up to our expectation, still had it chewy-ness, but the teriyaki sauce provided was not enough leh...haha...

^^ Us ^^
Happy Birthday Wai Yee !

Thursday, March 11, 2010

1st Blog Anniversary

Happy Birthday to my blog! Actual day will be on 14 March but i will be away on that wishing my blog a HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance!
Many more years and good food to come!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nyonya food @ Ah Tuan Ee's, The Curve

My few best mates were back from overseas to KL for holiday, and we gathered together during 1 fine day for some catch up and of course MAKAN!

We chose Ah Tuan Ee's place for some local foods since they were back from overseas and wanted to eat something more local. It was about 9 am and the restaurant was a bit quiet...
Heard about this restaurant before but never tried it. Was more convinced after seeing this on their wall....

Let the feast begin ~~~
What we had that night

Pai Tee
Like the crispy skin and the fillings

Always my favourite. Like the crunchiness and tanginess of the veges

Petai prawns
The husband and wife ordered this since they couldn't find petai in Australia..
Very flavourful and best goes with rice...

I heart this...
Can't remember the exact name, a type of fried chicken with rendang gravy...
Yumm Yumm~~~

Beef rendang
So - so only...Average

My Jimui ordered this..
Eggplant with spicy sauce...
She commented was average too...

Some kind of spicy fried chicken..didn't try...

Everyone's favourite
Fried sengkuang with lettuce wrap
Gotta be careful while eating this as it tends to drop out when we bite!

Their signature
Claypot Fish Head
Generous amount of side ingredients such as okra, brinjals, tomatoes and taufoopok
I found the curry to be a little bit sour and tangy, probably it's the way of nyonya style fish head curry should be...
Not the type of fish head curry that i fancy but still it's a good one...

Nyonya otak otak
It was a steamed version...prefer the grilled one ~~~

It was a huge feast for the 10 of us. Didn't manage to finish all the dishes oredered though. But we enjoyed the precious time of us hanging together.
Looking forward to the next meet up!

Satay Beehon ... why no one in KL selling this????

I will always try to search for new foods whenever i am in Singapore. Those "new" foods that are not being offered in KL or Malaysia. Got the chance to savour Satay Beehoon which is pretty famous in Singapore, but i never seen it in KL. Sometimes i am wondering why as KL has many nice stalls selling satay but no one has the creative idea to start selling satay beehoon or noodles or whatever not....probably afraid of being called copycat...haha....

So this is the plate of satay beehoon that i tried during my previous trip to Singapore. With beehoon, taufoopok, taugeh, some meat strips, and full loads of satay gravy flooded in a rather small plate...cause i was just ordering a small plate at the price of SGD3.
I really like this very much. I am the person who like satay gravy, and i will normally indulge in cucumber sticks with satay gravy instead of the satay itself....Oh well, i just love the spiciness and the richful aroma of the satay gravy. Perhaps i need to visit Melaka soon for my satay celup bites!

This is the stall selling the satay beehoon @ Bugis food court. They normally sell it together with squid kangkung which we could find back home here...

Ok, am going to Singapore next weekend. Hooray!