Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chan Thoong Kee @ Imbi KL

When you think of chicken shredded hor fun, i bet you will think of Ipoh. But if we are in KL and are craving for this, where should we go?
Let's go to Chan Thoong Kee! ("CTK")
CTK is tucked in the middle of Imbi, and located in the corner old shoplots. CTK has been well established for many years and has branches in Jalan Hang Lekir and SS2, PJ. It offers a variety of local foods, and the famous ones being Ipoh Hor Fun and Fresh Water Wantan.

I feel the shop is a bit of old-style and reminds me of my hometown. Do expect crowds during lunch hour were attentive and prompt.

Walls hanging frames of the newspapers review and awards received by the owner for his charity bit...

ManMan and I ordered 白果腐竹薏米 - Barley Ginkgo wif Beancurd sheets
RM3 per bowl
I always ordered this during each visit as i found it very tasty, with the rightful amount of ingredients used
I bet they have boiled the desserts quite extensively, given the stickyness of the barley drinks. The ginkgo nuts were also very soft.
Something i look forward to boil in coming weekends....


Flat noodles with shredded chicken and prawns in clear soup

HorFun - i think is directly from Ipoh as it was very smooth. Somehow they said horfun from Ipoh taste good because of the water resource from the many hills there.
Prawns - very succulent.
Shredded chicken - very tender.
Soup - very clear and sweet soup, with hints of shrimps. I know a lot of MSG was added but no one cares anway......
Result - a very good bowl of Ipoh Horfun which is among the best in Klang valley.
Price - RM5 per bowl

We also ordered a plate of bean sprouts. Very crunchy. From Ipoh too? Not sure la....

Overall a satisfying lunch. You may try this if you feel to have a kinda light meal. The fresh prawn wantan horfun costs RM6 each. I have tried this before in previous visits and it was not bad. They also serve steam chicken, double boiled soup, pork balls and chicken rice. You may have your choice if you plan to visit this shop. No need to travel all the way down to Ipoh for this superb local food!

Add: No.11, Jalan Barat, Off Jalan Imbi, 55100 KL.
Tel: 03-21422779
Branches: No.21, Jalan Hang Lekir, KL.
No.18, Jalan SS2/66, PJ.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dragon-i @ Pavilion KL

I still clearly remember when Dragon-i first opened its outlet at Cititel Hotel Midvalley, i was so eager to try it immediately after its opening. Being a big fan of XiaoLongBao, i will always find opportunity to savour this delicacy in any restaurant serving this authentic dish. I have personally try this dimsum in its origin place, Shanghai for N times. Nothing in Malaysia can beat those from Shanghai for sure. However, there are still some Shanghai restaurants in KL serving good XiaoLongBao and one of it is Dragon-i.

We were at Dragon-i Pavilion for farewell lunch for Jo. We made a prior reservation for 10 of us, and were seated in a section specially cater for big groups. So it was rather empty....

Dragon-i serves culinary from region of Shanghai, Szechuan, Beijing and Lanzhou. Having established in Malaysia since 2004, it has many signature dishes such as XiaoLongBao and LaMian...

Titbits - RM2
Braised peanuts

I like their chili, taste like XO sauce and has lots of dried shrimps chunks

Chinese tea for all of us - RM2 per pax

Appetiser - Pork Roll 蒜泥白肉青瓜卷 - RM14 per portion
What you see here is 2 portions

Crunchy vege wrapped by soft pork slice, garnished by garlic sauce, served cold. Something new to all of us, and we found it good...

Fried LaMian with seafood 海鲜干炒拉面 - RM16
Pretty average LaMian

Sauted Diced Chicken 四川辣子鸡丁 - RM20
Diced chicken fried until crunchy and fried with lots of dried chillis. It is not that spicy as we think by the way. Maybe it has been adjusted to suit local taste...

Stir Fried Season Bean 干煸四季豆 - RM18
I found this something like home-cooked food so i think it's a bit pricy
Taste wise, average.

Fried Carrot Cake with XO sauce
XO酱炒虾仁萝卜糕 - RM12
The carrot cake taste very bland, and only little XO sauce was used since i didn't find much on the plate. Also, it has not enough "wok-hei" as it should be for such an authentic dish.

RM9 per basket of 4
Honestly, i feel this is no longer as tasty as before. Many people commented that the food quality has dropped, not sure why. Anyway, the XiaoLongBao is still nice to be eaten...

Meat Dumplings in Spicy sauce
红油抄手 - RM12
Normal meat dumplings with hot & spicy sauce, please be cautious when eating this as you wouldn't like the feeling of the spicy sauce spread into your throat when you bite it!

Deep Fried Bean Curd Rolls 腐皮虾卷 - RM9

Deep Fried Glutinous Ball 炸桂花汤圆 - RM8
Jo's comment: Taste weird!
Guess they didn't use to the GuiHua taste....

Pan Fried Meat Bun 生煎包 - RM8
Meat filling was not juicy, and the bun was nothing special too.
So-so only...

Established for so many years, Dragon-i has attracted many loyal customers and the number of outlets have spread to whole Malaysia. It is currently running a promotion of RM1 per plate of Soya Sauce Chicken for dinner time only, and 10% discount for CIMB credit card. Do check it out if you are interested....

I like their interior design...

Lot 1.13, Level 1
Pavilion KL
(Same level as Food Republic)
Tel: 03-2143 7688

Eat More Chilis!!!

We were at Chili's Grill & Bar @ KLCC on last Monday to celebrate Nat's belated birthday. This place does not allow prior reservation so we gotta place our name on waiting list and waited patiently.....FYI, only KLCC outlet has such rules but not other outlets like MidValley. I guess it must be the crowd in KLCC that lead to such a rule.....

So we waited for like, 20 minutes? The restaurant was jam packed with patrons, with a number of angmohs too...Many customers were foreigners/travellers....

B'day girl doin her part in promoting the Happy hour so that we can get our tables faster ...haha...

Managed to squeeze into the packed restaurant about 8pm....huh....

I think the menu is international, after i checked to their website. The food lists are almost the same....

Playing around before our meals were served....

All tables were occupied....and it was MONDAY!
Recession? Where?

We were starving....Ggrrrrrr.....

At last the foods were served, after we waited for about 15-20 minutes. Not bad though, cos they served all at one go.....

Buffalo Wings, served with dip sauce
The meat was very tender, and it was well marinated before it was grilled/fried.

Jack Nachos
Nachos with beans and queso with a hint of seasoned beef with cheese, served with house-made sour cream
Everyone of us love nachos....snapped up within a minute!
A very tasty appetiser, especially with the the kick!

Triple Play

Combination of Buffalo Wings, Egg Rolls and Chicken Strips

I did not try the chick strips but heard that it was so-so only.

The Egg Rolls is a flour tortilla wrapped with chicken, black beans, corn, cheese and some other vege. I tried the egg rolls, nothing to shout about.....

Flame Grilled Rib Eye - 70%
Let me tell you this, the rib eye was so tender and juicy. Perfectly grilled! I am not a fan of steak but i found this delicious. Plus, the portion is quite big, luckily we were sharing. I like the sauteed vege served as side dish....

Crispy Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers
We found this so tempting when we looked at the menu so we ordered it. But the outcome didn't turn out to be as expected. The chicken strips although were not too hard, we found the taste a bit too sweet, due to the accompanied sauce. They must have put too much of honey....Oh by the way, the fries tasted good.....

Fajita Quesadillas
Fajita-marinated steak or chicken with grilled onions and Jack cheese in buttery toasted tortillas.

I love tortillas!

Caesar Salad

Very refreshing!

~~ EVIL of the night ~~

Chocolate Molten Cake

Warm chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling. Topped with vanilla ice cream under a crunchy chocolate shell.
This desserts is very sinful...GOSH~~~
It was very rich in chocolate and the sauce was very sweet to some of us but i was OK with it...

Imagine warm choc cake+fudge+freeze cold ice cream = PERFECT!
Was so guilty after eating this...gotta do more workout to burn that extra calories...heh!

Some photo session after the heavy meal.....BurRpP!!!

11 of us

Elaine, Nat, NgiamNgiam

Andy, Nat, Eddie

Eddie, Nat, Elvina

Elvina, Nat, SeongYeen

LiChain, Nat, Mie

The Twins
Nat & Mel

It was overall a satisfying meal. The waiters were very attentive to our bottomless drinks refills. Food servicing was rather slow though, guess the orders list in the kitchen were very long...haha...
Chili's is definitely a good place for hangout with friends, coupled by the good quality of foods served. KLCC outlet has a nice section facing the fountain near the window, so it is a good place for dating too =)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Same restaurant, same cuisine, same location, same food!

I seldom pay visit to same restaurant in the same month (excluded the eateries at my office la...). I do not like visiting same restaurant in same location too....cos there are so many other eateries for me to savour. But i have found myself visited Sakae Sushi @ KLCC again on last Friday. Reason being? Paying farewell for MeiKean and Jolyn who are leaving for good end of this month, so one of them suggested to have meal there.... Isshh! Before i reached, i was wondering what to order...definitely those that i have not tried in the previous visit...

MeiKean, Anny, Mie...why do i look so tired?

MeiKean ordered this. I think this is tempura vege...something new for me.
Very crunchy. Should be good if pair with beer....

My must order again - Soft shell crab temaki

Potato salad
Contrary to normal mashed potato that we normally eat in KFC, this is more flavourful even though there is no gravy. Soft...oh my....

Hana Maki
I like this presentation, so tempting @_@
I have commented this before so i am a bit lazy to elaborate again ..hehe...

Can't recall the exact name of this sushi, but i am sure you know what this is.

Sake salad, which i ordered out of curiosity.
It came with a separate salad sauce, which tasted a bit sweet and sour. You may add the sauce depending on your liking. The salad comprised of salmon slice, jelly fish, japanese cucumber, tomatoes, crackers and some vege. A very healthy choice if you prefer something light.
~~ Love it ~~

Salmon sushi - must order also
I heart SALMON!!!


Unagi sushi
See how thick the unagi is.....

Chicken Teriyaki Ramen
I like the soft boiled egg, the egg yolk is like calling you to eat it!
I didn't try this cos was so full with all the sushis....

Tempura Ramen
Same ramen like the chick teriyaki but was substituted with ebi tempura

Ninja Maki
I wonder why is it called like that...we can become ninja after eating this? haha....

Tempura Udon
I felt that it was very plain....

Mango Spider Roll, if i remember the name clearly
Soft shell crab maki with mango slices on sinful!
Tanginess of mango paired with the delicious maki...thumbs up!
I want more!
Ooohhh....what a delightful lunch, with 7 of them who were funny and hilarious. We will miss the fun time of hanging out together. All the best in your future undertaking, dear Jo and Mei Kean!