Sunday, May 31, 2009

Japanese Chiffon Cake @ Les Toast Puchong

Puchong is really a good place for "cari makan". There are just too many good eateries around Puchong, which until now i have not been able to try. There is a particular bakery which was opened somewhere last year (if i am not mistaken) and i will definitely get something from there whenever i am around the bakery...

Les Toast uses Japanese baking techniques to bring out the bread and cakes that are healthy and low sugar content. I have tried their breads and cakes before, and i am definitely in love with it.
It has been visited by HoJiak programme at 8TV sometime back, mainly to introduce the Japanese Chiffon Cake. This cake is very popular and they only sell limited number each day. I always ended up going back disappointed as it is sold out everytime i wanted to get one home. I think luck was with me on last Friday, cos it was just being readily baked and push out for sale! And it's fresh from oven!

The size of this chiffon cake is rather small compared to the normal chiffon cake that we normally see, and it costs RM5.50 each...

It uses only pure cocoa powder, making it simply irresistable...
It was very fluffy, rich in chocolate taste, and i just can't get enough of it.
If not because of watching my weight, i think i can wallop the whole cake!

Les Toast

05-01, Jalan Kenari 18B, Bandar Puchong Jaya

9am - 10pm

Will hang out a bit frequent in Puchong in July onwards...more opportunities to food hunt in Puchong!

Little Taiwan @ Avenue K - Revisit

Having no idea what to have for lunch, ManMan and me decided to have lunch at Little Taiwan on one fine day last week, since they offer set lunches....

Contrary to my previous post where me and Daniel ordered set lunches for 2 pax, this round, we ordered individual set lunch for each person...

Individual set lunches come in a variety of rice or noodle sets, with a free drink

This is the free drink
Ice Jasmine tea and Ice Red Tea
Additional bubble at RM1
A bit sweet for me. Maybe next time gotta request without sugar...

Taiwanese Kimchi, which i heart after i tried it last round...

ManMan's order - Honey Pork Rib Noodle - RM10.90/set
She said OKOK oh...

My order - Salted Chicken Noodle - RM10.90/set
The noodle was plain, the way it should be since there was side dish to go with.
The salted chicken tasted not bad, juicy and succulent enough, with the right amount of spices.
But definitely cannot compare to what i have tried in Taiwan.

As a chili lover myself, i can't help but to take pict of these...cos they were very generous in providing the chilis!
This eatery is a pretty good place to grab your lunch if you are boring with what you normally have around office. Maybe there's a 3rd visit for me soon...haha...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

AhCheng Laksa @ Cineleisure Damansara

Was at Cineleisure Damansara with my friend on last Monday to watch the premiere of Terminator Salvation. We reached there a bit late, around 8.20 pm, the screening at 9.15 pm. So we grabbed a quick and simple dinner here - AhCheng Laksa.

It was rather quiet in Cineleisure on Monday. Both of us were not familiar with the eateries here, as we were supposed to go over The Curve for Ayam Penyet, but plan was cancelled due to time constraint. This outlet has the most number of patrons, apart from fast food chain so we opted to have our dinner here.. (i opted by the way..haha...)

Are you sure is best in PJ and Subang?
I think local stalls are better off than you :p

Menu is extensive with local foods and the recommended ones are definitely variety of laksa.
They have combo set as well, and we decided to order Combo 2.

Our meals were served...

Noticed they even offer extra limau for you to mix in your dishes so you don't need to ask the waiter to get it for you..sounds annoying sometimes :p

Carrot juice - very watery and sweet
Ice blended Honeydew juice - My friend said Ok

Nasi Lemak Ayam
Didn't taste the nasi, but my friend said not that good.
I got a bite of the fried chicken, a bit hard and not flavourful enough. Guess it was fried earlier and set aside until dinner time...

Junior version of Curry Laksa.
Looks good, but not really.
The curry tasted a bit bland to my liking...

Junior version of Asam Laksa
This is not too bad though, but still lack of the "kick" that i fancy...
Dinner costs us less than RM25...worth ah?
The premiere was organised by Domino's Pizza, and we received a door gift kept in a pizza box of Domino's. We were given drinks+popcorn voucher to redeem as well.... Is my firm going to have this kind of perks for the coming movie treat???

Gifts consist of a t-shirt, coupons and free pizza voucher..
Not bad ehh?

Do i have the ability to Terminate Your Hunger?

~~ Hehe ~~

I am going home!

Hi there, i am going back hometown in the next hour. Have not been going home for more than a month even though the journey back home is only 1 hour! Ok, maybe you are cursing me now :p
I can foresee i am not able to go back so frequently also in the next couple of months. Office event, concert, short trip up the hill, and it's currently the peak period in my firm now. Gotta clear all WIP on hands. Am going to China in July for job purpose too. Oh my...can feel that i am going to have a rather hectic life in the next few months but hey! I enjoy it...
Please keep me occupied! But please, not from work.... haha! I still want to enjoy my life ehh.....

Friday, May 29, 2009

WongKok CharChanTeng @ Pavillion

I blog about this chain of charchanteng before here. I went to Pavillion with ManMan on one fine evening after work, and we decided to have dinner at this eatery since both of us were craving for some Hongkie foods...

WongKok in Pavillion is considered as one of the most affordable place to get a decent meal in a proper ambience. A very good place for some chit chat and yamcha session...

We were seated beside the glass window, overlooking the traffic jam after office hour...

Honey Lemon Ice & Milk Tea Ice
We both noticed that the size of the drink is much more than usual. Perhaps they have changed the size of the glass...

We shared this borsch soup.

Does it look tempting??
I forgot the name of this, something like HK Style rice with honey pork rib.
The pork rib is very tender and juicy..Yummy

Baked spaghetti with fish in double sauce (white+red sauce)
Frankly, i am disappointed with this. Not as flavourful as i think it should be.
Very bland, not to my liking...somemore costs me RM14.90 for this!
Sorry no next time!

We paid around RM41 for this dinner. Worthy? You make the judge...

Yap Hup Kee Yong Tau Foo @ Pudu

I still remember i was first introduced to this YongTauFoo ("YTF") shop in Pudu many years back when i just joined my present firm. There are many foodies in my firm, especially many years back (oh well many of them have resigned +.+). So it is not a surprise if they are aware of this special shop, tucked in the busy Pudu area...

It is just a simple, small shop, with a squeezed cashier counter.
It was very packed during lunch hour.

The YTFs are well spread in front of the shop, and what you need to do is to pick your choices and selection, and preferably tell them the table number you are sitting. Sometimes they do know where you sit even though you do not tell them so, guess it's because the waiter will check out your table when you walk back to your seat...

The small kitchen just behind the spread where they will re-fry the YTF that you selected before it's being served piping hot to your table

Always a fave of mine - Chrysanthemum tea
Theirs are real good honestly...

Apart from YTF, they are also selling cheecheongfun and "loushuefun"
Our gang love the cheecheongfun the most. It was sprinkled with rightful amount of dried shrimp, with the dark sauce. You may request to change to curry sauce by the way...
Whatever flavour it is, i like it very much...

These are what we ordered

Brinjals, tofus, bittergourds, fishballs, chillis, foochok, okra and so on...

I still find the YTF is not as amazing as those in Ampang, but still it's good.

Our favourite!

Prawn Dumplings (Sui Kow) soup

They will cook this on the spot when you make the order, and the dumpling is very firm with the fillings and a whole big shrimp!

The soup was cooked using preserved vegetable, and we like its tanginess very much!

The attraction that made me wanna come back to this shop.

Oh i miss the suikow!

Frankly, i only heart their cheecheongfun and dumplings soup. The YTF is just a sider order to these 2...hehe...

By the way, they offer steamboat at night, and i think they are using YTF as their steamboat ingredients....

Restoran Yap Hup Kee
45, Jalan Brunei Barat
Off Jalan Pudu
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2148 9220

Business hours
9am to 5 pm
5.30pm to 11 pm

~~ Every 2 weeks on Tuesday is their off day ~~

Cheecheongfun, anyone?
Wanna go together?


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vietnam Kitchen @ One Utama

Went to One Utama on a Saturday night with a friend to watch X-men. Before the screening, we headed to Vietnam Kitchen for dinner....we needed something light so vietnamese noodles would be perfect! It was a Saturday night so there was dinner crowds as well...
The menu is extensive with a variety of Pho, Vietnamese spring rolls and authentic vietnamese dishes. We decided not to opt for heavy dishes by the way...

Peanut - RM2
Not that soft, but i still find it flavourful

Fresh Prawn Roll - RM6.90
A very healthy appetiser, vietnamese roll wrap with vermicelli, shrimp and vege, dipped with the accompanied peanut sauce....
I love the freshness of this dish
Superior Beef Noodle - RM12.90
Tender pieces of beef + tasty soup = Good!
The portion of beef was rather too much for me so i ended up transferring to my friend :p
Bean sprouts and basil leaves to go with the beef noodles.
I had a rather satisfying bowl of Vietname noodle which i have not been eating for quite some time
Hot Soup Beef Noodle - RM12.90
Similar with the version of beef noodle that i tried, with a dash of spiciness.
By the way it came with vietnamese sausage for this bowl...

Vietnamese drip coffee - RM6.50
As a coffee lover myself, i truly enjoy every sip of this. A rather strong coffee and please avoid this if you plan to sleep in a few hours after having this...
I do not have the exact address and contact of this eatery. Just check out the directory in One Utama la.... ^_^

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

~~ Miss my Piggy ~~

Mie is missing her Piggy very much
Do you listen to this? I hope you do....

Izakaya Ichiban @ Hartamas Shopping Centre

Had a pretty good lunch at Hartamas Shopping Centre last week - Izakaya Ichiban. Was introduced to this Jap restaurant by Joey and ended up hooked to it. Nice food, cosy ambience, affordable....that's why i was there again....

I like the array of bottles displayed

They offer set lunch even on Sunday, and you have the option to choose a variety of dishes to include in your bento box. I like this concept. You can choose from A - D categories, which includes selection of sashimi, tempura, grilled stuff and so on...

You may choose to get salmon sashimi at the price of RM13 if you select any of the set lunch combination. We ordered it, and no regret!

See how thick the salmon was...drooling! And it's very fresh! Yum!

Sometimes some restaurant may only give you tiny pieces for sashimi on promo but Izakaya didn't let us down though ^_^

We ordered 2 set lunches at 4 combinations each. RM33 each

Came with rice, miso soup, salad, chawanmushi and fruit

Agedashi Tofu
Love this...soft and silky
Very flavourful to go with rice eh...

Grilled Salmon
Perfectly grilled with dash of teriyaki sauce..

Tuna sashimi

Ebi Tempura
A bit hard to my liking due to its batter...

Fresh Octopus


Butter fried scallop

Fried squid

We get to savour 8 dishes altogether...not bad if you are greedy to try many of it with small portion though....

Izakaya Ichiban
Lot P-3M Plaza, Ground Floor
Hartamas Shopping Centre
60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6201 5905

ps: Attentive waiter/waitress and a good place for some private chat too. I love the ambience....