Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Corn pudding, anyone?

Some of you may know that i love to enjoy desserts. And i am more than willing to make my own desserts at home, since it is much more cheaper doing it yourself. Furthermore, it can serve as a good treat to your family and friends.
During 1 long weekend, i suddenly crave to eat corn pudding, something that i seldom eat in these few years. There are not many shops selling this pudding, and usually we can only see Malay traders selling in market or Ramadhan Bazaar. I started to love this desserts during my primary schooling. We used to have small party in school and all of us gotto contribute some food for the party. Some of my Malay classmate would bring the corn pudding baked by their mom. That was my first few encounters on this lovely dessers and has since start lovin it...

So here you go...


1 can of creamy corn (i choose Ayam brand)
1 can evaporated milk
Custard powder (economy pack)
1-2 small bowl of sugar
3-4 small bowls of water
1/4 tsp salt
1) In a pot, whisk custard into the water a little at a time until completely dissolved.
2) Add all other ingredients.
3) Put the pot on low heat and stir constantly.
4) When the mixture thickens and starts to bubble (look like mini volcanic eruptions), turn off the heat.
Note: Stir constantly as the mixture tends to stick to the bottom of the pot. This will take about 15 minutes. When the mixture thickens and starts to erupt, the colour will start to change and become shiny.
5) Pour the mixture into a tray. Leave to cool. When cooled, refrigerate until it is cold and firm.
6) Cut and serve.

Corn pudding, anyone??

Monday, March 30, 2009

~~ Queen 女人我最大 ~~

Recently bought a copy of newly launched magazine "Queen" - 女人我最大. This mag has been first published in Taiwan on Nov 2005 and expanded its network into Malaysia on January 2009. The copy that i bought was either 1st or 2nd issue published.

Buying this mag does not come cheap. It cost RM15 in Peninsular Malaysia and RM17 in East Malaysia. It is definitely more expensive compared to other local based mag like Female and Citta Bella which cost around RM8 each. However, this mag is issued once in 2 months so RM15 per mag is considered ok la...although it may not be affordable for some people.
However, if you have not try reading this mag, i may suggest you to do so. Ladies, this mag is very well packed with a lot of good info for us ladies. It provides detail step-by-step instructions on some beauty tips like make-up, hairdo, skin care and etc. Similar to other female mags, it also provides latest fashion trends and fashion tips.
Some of you may have known that there is a popular beauty show in Taiwan called 女人我最大 hosted by popular artist 蓝心媚, and they do invite well known stylists to provide advice in the show itself. I am not sure whether this mag and the show comes from the same company but the stylist in the show and the advisors in the magazine are the same person. Well, u make the judge yourself....

I bought a copy of this mag when i visited Taiwan in last December at TWD 180. The price offered here is comparable though...

Happy reading...

Get well soon!

Many people around me were sick recently. My colleagues are all working tirelessly and at the end, got sick. Minor sick like cough/flu and major illness like fever etc, i think everyone in office is suffering at this point in time. Also, many have not enough sleep due to work commitment and deadlines to be met.
Hmm...i think i'm unable to help other than advising them to drink more water and eat healthier. That's what i have been practising all this while and thank god i seldom get sick (the monthly PMS does not count ah!). Exercise is very vital too. Sometimes if i feel im getting sick soon, i will go to gym for some workout and i will feel better....
I have a friend who has just recovered from flu and he was ok on last Saturday. But comes to Sunday, he told me that he caught food poisoning + allergy. Possibility of the effect of touching dust mites since he is a mechanical engineer. His body was itchy and he could not scratch it in the fear of getting scars. Pity of him, right? He is like getting 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 kind of illness at the same time. He told me he's going for work today. Wondering whether he can suffer the itchyness while working or not @_@
Nevertheless, i do hope he is OK and listen to doctor's advice. There is nothing much that i could help. S, i hope you get well soon....

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Craved for some desserts on Sunday night. So we went to The Fruitti Stall @ Kepong. I bet many of you have known 记得吃 desserts shop for quite some time since it has been in business for many years. They have a few outlets in KL, and the most crowded one in Imbi has moved to Low Yat Plaza. I once visited the one in Low Yat and the crowd seems to be lesser. I think it is because of inconvenience in finding parking.

One funny view for the stall in Kepong...

there is one giant tree tucked in between this stall. funny ^_^

i ordered shark fin soup @_@
it is actually water chestnut tong sui which has some egg starchy inside. taste not bad though.
i initially wanted to eat the black sesame but was told that they do not sell on weekend. i thought weekend is suppose to have better business??? =.='''

my all time favourite - 皮蛋瘦肉粥 - RM2.40
i love it for being sticky and loaded with generous portion of meat and the century egg

红豆捞 Red Bean Sago Ice - RM4.50
i tried this once in previous visit and found it so-so only. nothing extraordinary.

fish fillet - RM4.70
it sucks -_-'''
it is just like fish paste and some other ingredients crumbled together and being fried without using proper recipe...

crabmeat taufu - crispy outside and soft inside. a good try

chinese pizza - RM3.50
绣球 - RM3.70
i never like these 2 side dishes but anyway not ordered by me....haha...
i found it plain and not worth the price

crabs shell stuffed with meat paste - RM3.50 each
nothing to shout about. just some meat paste stuffed in the crab shell. i think they mix some crab meat too. anyway, it taste ok...

pan fried dumpling - RM8.00 for 8 pieces
the dumpling is pan fried until crispy and should be eaten while it's hot. if not, the taste will make you disappointed

花生糊 - Peanut butter - RM2.00
very creamy but i felt it very sweet. the peanut taste is not as strong as to my liking

There are many other types of tong sui available, i think the price is standard @ RM2 each. They offer some double-boiled dessert and some chinese pastries as well. Since we have not seen many quality desserts shop around Kepong, this stall is definitely a good choice. Mind you, they are quite packed on the nights of weekend....

Add: 66, Jalan 7, Kepong Baru, 52100 KL.

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

Have not been visiting WongKok CharChanTeng for quite some time. Visited it during Sunday lunch. Their latest branch is at Brem Mall @ Kepong, which is about 10 minutes drive from where i stay. The decoration is almost the same with its earlier branches...

if you have visited HongKong, you surely know the above places...

similar to other charchanteng, we gotta tick the order form ourselves. make sure you listen carefully when the waiter repeat your order cos they are many occasions where there are food items omitted...

港式鸳鸯 HK Style YinYong - RM3.00
taste the same like other charchanteng la...

冰镇冻鸳鸯 Iced YinYong - RM4.60
the ice cube is put separately from the drink and it is always the best way to enjoy the tea in cold if you do not wish the ice to be mixed with the drink. Very nice...

罗宋汤 Borsh soup - RM4.90
normal. i can only see the cabbage and nothing else. not the way i like it to be served...

姜葱班腩炒河 Fried HorFun with Fish & Ginger Cantonese style - RM8.90
i always heart their Cantonese style dishes as the gravy is full with egg and the thickness is ngam-ngam...

蜜汁排骨拉面 Honey Pork Rib Ramen - RM9.30
the pork rib is unexpectedly tender and juicy, glazed with honey, making it comparable to our local "taichow" style of pork rib. enough "wok hei"!

are you familiar with the above =)

Add: L7-08, Grd Floor, Brem Mall, Jalan Kepong, 52000 KL.
Tel: 03-2141 8407
As far as i know, they have branches in One Utama, SS2 and Pavillion. Also, if i am not mistaken, you can get a giant size of Ice Milk Tea FOC if you visit them during your birthday. The giant milk tea can served up to 8 people. Do check with the shop if you are interested...

My idol - 阿旺....haha....

New chapter of life...

I attended an open house yesterday at my friend's house @ Kuchai Lama. Purpose of the open house was a small gathering among his friends since his wife has given birth to a baby girl last month. The mother and baby has just came back from their hometown in Melaka and we were invited to join the gathering. Can see cute baby, of course i go la.....

I have known Ben since i began my career. He was 1 of the earlier peers that i know and close to. Although we have now in different company, we still keep in touch and do some small gathering with other peers when there is an opportunity. I got to know his wife YenYen (was gf by then) and become close. They have started dating since tertiary study and they got married end of year 2007, and having a baby recently. It was indeed a happy ending story for all the lovers in this world. What is more amazing than starting your own family and writing the story of the rest of your life, together with your loved ones....
don't you think they both looked-alike, got 夫妻相
definitely a match made in heaven

baby girl meleleh the susu oredy @_@
~ the party ~
During yesterday's party, i learned a lesson on cake:

Nice cake, don't you agree? With white choc piece coated and full of fruits. But, if you are not a good cake cutter nor having a good skill in cutting, please do not choose fruit cake for any occasion, unless the birthday boy/girl is really a fan of this cake. No one in the party dare to touch the cake and as usual, i am the one cutting it, and i found it very bloody damn difficult to cut nicely. KF said nevermind, it's the art of the cake anyway...haha...

KF who is going to build his new family soon too. Congrats!

It is always a pleasure to meet your old peers who have been working and struggling together before. Time to catch up and gossipping...hehe...

~~ i like this wall deco very much ~~

So, have you started/ are you starting your new lovely family? I hope you do =)

What can you do with RM50 nowadays?

RM50 nowadays may do the following:
  1. buy a good CD, original CD
  2. good chinese "tai-chow" meal for 2-3 pax
  3. an entree of good steak
  4. lunches for 5 days for an executive
  5. not even a full tank of petrol for a car
  6. a piece of nice dress for ladies
  7. etc etc etc....

While we may consider RM50 as "big" or "small", depending on the spending style of each individual, this amount of money may used to feed a child in rural area and 3rd world country. I have heard of many people mumbling of not enough money to spend, not enough money to pay for a lunch meal....but they still have "EXTRA" money to buy branded stuff. I really do not understand what were in their mind....Maybe i am not as classy as them but i do think we don't need to spend money on unnecessary stuff, especially during current economic situation. Yes it is true that we need to spend to help the economy. But, i really hope those people can think of what is happening around the world first before they start grumbling what they are "short" of ...

The reason on why i mumble on the above was due to the fact that people around me do not seem to be interested in Child Sponsorship. So far, there are only 2 ladies who initiated this move which i know of. The rest, they are either giving no response on what i explained; simply answer me as if entertaining me; and mumbling that they themselves have not enough money to spend so how to sponsor a child?? GgRrrrrrr!!! Geramnya >.<

C'mon la...if you can buy branded stuff, can spend > RM10 for a lunch meal everyday, can buy a good CD, can fill up your car petrol every week.....i seriously do not understand why you cannot fork out RM50 per month just to help a child. To help those children in need. To help those children in poverty...is that so hard for you to initiate it?
By the way, i am not endorsed to promote any of the child sponsorship programme. I get nothing by writing so much here. It is only my own thought on human's behaviour. I know different people has different character. I am doing my best to help the needy only.

Let me give you some brief intro to the Child Sponsorship which i am involved in.


website: www.worldvision.com.my

" World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. Inspired by our Christian values, World Vision is dedicated to working with the world's most vulnerable people. World Vision serves all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.World Vision helps the poor to help themselves, working with them to build sustainable futures for their children, families and communities through emergency relief, education, health care, economic development and promotion of justice."
World Vision Malaysia (WVM) began in 1997 as a Support Office with the aim of raising funds for and awareness of needy children and communities overseas. Among them which WVM is supporting are:
- Bati, Cambodia
- Yongsheng, Xinjiang and Hebei, China
- Coimbatore, India
- Singkawang, Indonesia
- Marjeyoun, Lebanon
- Nalaikh, Mongolia
- Mya Nanda, Myanmar
- Thusalushaka, South Africa
- Kuan Niang, Prai Burng, Kapur, and Mae Sariang, Thailand
Funds for these communities are obtained via several channels, the key ones of which are:
- World Vision Child Sponsorship Programme
- World Vision 30-Hour Famine

I have been part of WVM since year 2007, contributing merely RM50 per month. I know i have not been helping physically towards this programme but it is better than none. You are able to choose which country of children that you would like to sponsor, as well as the gender of the child. Once you signed up for this programme, WVM will send the profile of the child that you have chosen. You will get the annual progress report from WVM on the development of the sponsored child. They will also arranged the child to write to you, in their specified format.
It is a relieve to see the child that you sponsored to be in good health and condition, although you may not know how the RM50 could help. My sponsored child is now at secondary school though...and nearly as tall as me...


website: www.shelterhome.org

" SHELTER is a registered, voluntary welfare organization for children and teenagers who have been abandoned, neglected, orphaned or abused. Guided by the vision to give children at risk a childhood and future by protecting, guiding and healing them, and by building strong communities and loving families, Shelter’s services and initiatives are aimed at:
- Providing care for children at risk through our residential homes, counselling, therapy and other services
- Proactively raising public awareness on child abuse, child protection, parenting and youth issues, and equipping individuals with relevant skills to detect signs of abuse and to take action.
Individual donors or organizations may get more personally involved with Shelter by sponsoring a child. It costs at least RM600.00 per month to maintain a child in Shelter. Sponsors may contribute the full sum or part of it.
This amount will help pay for the following: -
- Food, and living expenses
- Personal clothing and medical fees
- Pocket money and other needs
- School fees, books, fees, tuition, uniforms, transport
Donors will receive yearly updates of the child."
I have just joined this recently, contributing RM100 per month. The volunteer in Shelter has taken the liberty to personally call me after i e-mailed them the form, confirming on the intention of sponsorship, and also explaining in detail to me on the situation of the Home and Children. Compared to WVM, you cannot choose the gender and race of the children. This is to avoid any unfair or discrimination issue.
Similar to WVM, you will be provided with the profile of the child sponsored and the details of the sponsorship programme. The volunteer has strongly suggest me to visit them if time permits. Well, there will definitely be a time for this in near future......

After reading such a long post, what do you have in mind? Feel free to comment on this and i am looking forward to you being part of any child sponsorship or charity, not restricting to only WVM and Shelter.....

~~~ Believe in yourself that, you can make a difference ~~~

Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice @ MidValley

I always try to visit Ipoh's famous "芽菜鸡 Taugeh Ayam" whenever i travel to the beautiful town. Be it the commercialised and tourist spot 老黄芽菜鸡 or the local favourite 安记, i paid respect to both restaurant on the dedication in serving this authentic dish. There are a few Ipoh Taugeh Ayam restaurant opened in KL and PJ area in these few years and recently i got to know from bro that there is one in MidValley, selling chicken rice as it mains, but the other dishes like Taugeh Ayam and HorFun is also delicious...So it was a "Siblings Day" this afternoon for a movie, and before that we went to this restaurant for lunch...

it is just located in between the walkway from MidValley to The Gardens, next to the corner lot mamak shop. FYI, they also provide free delivery within MidValley area...

those in kitchen turned their face away when they saw me starting snapping photo.
So shy one @_@

other than the normal foods like chicken, roast pork, bbq pork, taugeh....they are also selling other local dishes like curry chicken, 扣肉, chicken feet glass and etc...

i like the wall deco.
BTW, the waiter in orange was the 1 served us and he was very attentive. Good service!

~~ the feast is to begin ~~

my all time favourite - pork ball
i always like the super big size pork ball cos it is very aromatic and this one suit my preference and was just perfect!

my HorFun soup to go with the dishes
very smooth and the soup is tasty too. not sure whether they get it directly from Ipoh daily together with the taugeh...

roast pork which i felt so-so only.
nothing extraordinary

TAUGEH!! I tell you i can finish whole plate lo..but cannot take too much cos old people said too much taugeh attracts "wind" into stomach

bbq pork
the bbq pork is very juicy as well and i like the bbq sauce very much cos it's salty+sweety

the chicken meat is very tender, and they served together with some ginger sauce which made it more yummylicious, since i am a ginger lover myself

herbal tea
normal drinks served in any chicken rice shop

total damage - RM70-80

sorry i did not take note of the individual price of each dish since big bro was buying us lunch.. ^_^
given that price for 3 pax, definitely not a frequent for current economic condition =)

notice the oil + sauce for the chicken.

made me guilty after finish eating.

It would be a good choice if you want to have some nice local food around MidValley. My bro said this restaurant is very crowded during lunch hour so i guess they have their own followers as well. Definitely a good choice if you are craving for Ipoh Hor Fun and Taugeh Ayam. They have been in existence since 1977 though....so i presume the "secret recipe" is there =)