Sunday, November 29, 2009

Margaret Drive Food Centre, Singapore

Been wanted to explore the nice eateries around Singapore, be it local foodcourt or restaurants in malls. This was the 2nd time i was at Margaret Drive Food Centre. Been requesting the special one to bring me there again after hearing from him that there are many nice and affordable foods such as beef noodles, shanghai dumplings, chicken rice, popiah, claypot chicken rice (which i tried before) and so on..... Oh well, i was in Singapore during my long holiday break last month and only able to blog about it now! Haha....

This is the stall selling the famous popiah
Simple setup, managed by husband and wife

SGD1.20 per piece
Not bad. Not too dry. I like the taste!
Popiah skin is soft and supple, generous amount of ingredients (same ingredients that you could find in our local version popiah)....

Xin Ji Chicken Rice stall

Situated at the 2nd floor of the food centre. Very well known among floggers in Singapore. The stall is a bit aging, but this "age" will definitely added on to the better taste of foods served...

I am not an avid fan of chicken rice and i normally do not order chicken rice when i eat out. I was at this food centre during last visit for the claypot chicken rice and saw many patrons ordering this chicken rice...and i thought, why not give it a try when i am in Singapore again?

The experience of having chicken rice here was indeed wonderful. We ordered half chicken with 2 plates of rice, and managed to wallop it to the last piece! This version of chicken rice has got its own "kick". The aroma of the rice, the juiciness of the flesh, the generous amount of chilli and ginger paste provided.... Wonderful!

By the way, i was surprised as they do serve black soya sauce (the thicker type) for chicken rice in Singapore, and was told that it should be mixed together with the chili..but i found thid combination weird!

Overall a very good plate of chicken rice which i would recommend. It reminds me of the hainanese style of chicken rice...

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