Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend Outing a.k.a Food Hunting !

The special one was in town during last long weekend. Apart from the shopping, movie and concert that we went to, we had also tried out a few of new eateries and some of re-visit restaurants/shops....

Restoran Wei Sun
No.47, Grd Floor, Jalan 9/62A, Bdr Manjalara, Kepong

We were here for this - signature Liquor Loh Mee
RM13 - small portion
It was so famous because of the added liquor as compared to the normal version loh mee.
The gravy was very good, especially with the hint of liquor. But i found the noodles a bit too dull and there was not much ingredients given.... a few small abalone pieces and shrimps added in...that's all!

Snowy Tofu - RM12
Came in 4 pieces
Very good version of home made fried tofu, silky soft in the inside and crunchy outside,
dipped into the accompanied sweet & sour sauce...Yummy ~~~~

Another specialty - Crispy Salted Chicken
It was featured as their signature dish in newspapers review, but we felt it was way a bit salty...

We were in the mood for some soup so we ordered this - Sai Yong Choy soup
The pot is very very small, but was laden with enough ingredients that made it sweet.
It took more than 20 minutes for this to arrive, which we think they might have ordered it from some other shops and sold it in their shops for some extra charges????

SS2 Fatty Duck Teochew Porridge
Same row as Kayu Nasi Kandar at Chow Yang SS2

It was a rainy day...perfect for a good bowl of teochew porridge
We had the braised duck, mushrooms, salted vege, tofu, intestines and peanuts

This is good!
We like the braised sauce so much that we mixed with our plain white porridge
Duck meat was braised until tender and it has absorbed the secret sauce so perfectly!

I love this
Very chewy..QQ flavour
A good version of braised intestines that seldom we can find elsewhere...

Restoran Pan Heong
Batu Caves

Was here for this
"Wat Tan Hor" - RM12
We ordered their signature wat tan hor with ginger fish slices

I really like their gravy which was so thicky and with generous amount of eggs
Fish slices were fresh and the flat noodles were aromatic too!

This restaurant is famous for the porridge too and so we ordered Pork rib with century eggs porridge - RM7.80
Porridge was cooked until perfectly moist, with big chunk of pork rib and century eggs....
Definitely worth the money we paid for!

Restoran Yut Kee - Dang Wangi

He was craving for some chicken chop so we headed to this famous hainanese eatery for a good plate of this....
Chicken Chop - RM9.00
Very tender and the gravy and the potato wedges very much...
Very nostalgic!

Pork chop - RM9.00
Similar condiments and gravy with chicken chop
I found the pork chop a bit normal and not that juicy as compared to the earlier, but he liked it though..... It came with 2 pieces of pork chop of which each size of the meat is comparable to the 1 piece of chicken chop....guess ordering pork chop here is more worthy???

Hailam Fried Noodles - RM5.30
Laden with some pork strips, sotong and PORK LARDS!
Something like hokkien mee but without the black soya sauce...
Very aromatic, got the "wok-hei"....but mind you it's a bit oily and high cholestrol because of the pork lard la.....
Super Noodle House - Sungei Wang Plaza

We were at Golden Triangle and visited this restaurant:
- he saw many patrons visited this eatery everytime he passed by so he wanted to try
- the last time i visited was more than 8 years ago, i still remember my dad used to bring us to this restaurant whenever we visited Sungei Wang Plaza when we were still in teenage years!

Roast Pork and BBQ Pork rice
The rice portion was very small, came with a medium portion of charsiew and siew yok...
Not too bad...the siew yok was a good combination of lean and fatty meat, charsiew was very Q and flavourful too!

艇仔粥 - RM7.00
Not a good version of cantonese congee, not moist enough and it tasted so plain...i kept on adding the soya sauce to enhance the flavour...

Double boiled Pigeon soup - RM10.00
Very sweet! Whole pigeon with some chinese herbs...
All i can say is worth it...

Lotus root soup - RM8.30
See the wholesome of goodness in this little container...
Enjoyable to the last drop....

We spent quite a bit on the above, not mentioning some lunches/dinners that we went but i didn't manage to take photo...Well, i think it is not about the money... it is the precious time that we spent together that i feel is priceless.... Arghhh...gotta wait another 3 more weeks to see him again!


  1. i wanna have saiyongchoy soup >< cant get the veggie here in germany

  2. hehe...i bet u miss chinese soup very much. well u can eat more salami in germany!