Friday, December 4, 2009

Breakfast @ Imbi Market

It was Fwu Sheng's last day in office today. We were in the mood (with ManMan of course!) for some nice breakfast and so we headed to Imbi Market for their nice and value-for-money breakfast. I have heard about the fame of this market which is very famous with its kopitiam and hawker breakfast. Finally managed to visit this morning...
It was a rainy morning and i did not get the chance to "tour" around the market to find out what is being offered. Let ManMan make the decision to order....

These were what we ordered
for the 3 of us
Like my coffee C very much...very smooth and with strong coffee taste too!

猪杂粥 from next stall
Look at how smooth the porridge is...with generous amount of ingredients, especially the fried 猪肠...aromatic!

I love this
Toasted bun with kaya and butter
The butter has already melted and absorbed into the bread by the time it reached our table
Soft and fluffy ~~
Very very delicious!
I always prefer toasted bun as compared to sliced bread ^_^

Chee Cheong Fun from next stall
the chee cheong fun itself was real good, accompanied with the sweet sauce and chilli...Yum Yum!
But the stuffed okra was a let down...very hard to bite la!

Operating a kopitiam from this little store....
It's a little gem...

This is 1 of the few kopitiam in the Imbi market, the other kopitiam is as crowded as this one....i heard business is better if not because of the rainy can't even get a table during weekends!
I hope Fwu Sheng will not miss our local food too much! Well, i will definitely be back for more good foods!

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