Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fullhouse @ Jalan Yap Kwan Seng

First heard about Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe many months back. First outlet located at Ara Damansara, a place which is very crowded in my opinion....It has opened another outlet near my office at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng opposite the Old Town kopitiam. Not sure whether this is a new outlet or the first one in Ara Damansara is closed?????

Was very eager to try it out after knowing it has opened its door during end of November 2009. Not many people know it has opened by then so visitors were lesser...Fullhouse is famous for its cosy and "white-y" ambience...something like fairy tale....and i like it's environment which is very ideal for some chit-chat and get-together....

Was there with Sheng for dinner, both of us decided to have a light meal so we were sharing these...
Mushroom soup - RM8.90
Very rich in flavour and i like the strong hints of mushroom, it would be better if the soup is thicker!

Lavender Lemon Blended - RM6.90
Honey Milk Ice - RM5.90
The lavender lemon blended was very appetising, but a bit too sweet for me though....

Rome Salad - RM12.90
Crunchy salad with smoked salmon, but we felt that the salmon slice portion given was way too stingy...haha....

Club Sandwich - RM13.90
Toasted sliced bread with cheese, ham, vege and chicken strips
Quite a filling sandwich
Paid another visit here again for lunch with my other team member, opted to try their set lunch which range from RM13.90 - RM18.90, comes with mushroom soup, ice lemon tea, a main course and pastry....A very filling set lunch if you ask me!!!

Honestly their ice lemon tea was very very nice! And big glass too!

1 of the main course
Spaghetti......can't remember the name
A bit watery but tasted complain from TW

Another main course
Something cooked with dory fish
accompanied by mashed potato and some wild mushroom
Love the gravy very much...very gingery...
Dory fish was fresh and aromatic too....

The desserts - small pieces of cakes
We got macha, blueberry, chocolate and mango mousse
Not too bad but we were a bit too full to indulge on this....

It does provide car jockey service due to limited parking space available. FOC during opening period but not sure whether they will impose charges in future.... I am sure this place will become another favourite hang out place for our office mate ~~


  1. i have to try this soon..

  2. is is true..the dinner set[spagetti,drink.disert. some cream] just only rm 16.90 ???

  3. i was there today, kind of disappointed with the food.