Sunday, January 3, 2010

The battle of Hong Kong Desserts ~ Tin Pan GoGo vs Honeymoon Desserts ~

The special one was in town for the past 2 weekends and one of our favourite past times was desserts time ie 糖水时间... haha... We have tried 3 famous desserts shop in town ie KTZ, TinPan GoGo and Honeymoon Desserts, and numerous occasions been made to TinPan GoGo as well. Am not going to comment on KTZ since it has been established for many years in town and i have blogged about it before. Am going to comment on the 2 HongKong desserts shop that have made its presence in the market these 2 years....

TinPan GoGo
No36, Ground Floor, Jalan SS2/63, Petaling Jaya
They have branches in other areas as well

白果腐竹薏米- RM4.00
The foochok already been dissolved completely, generous amount of ginkgo provided too.
Not too bad but a bit sweet to my liking...

核桃露 + 汤圆 (Walnut sweet soup + glutinous ball) - RM7.00
The glutinous ball was perfect with the sesame fillings but the walnut sweet soup was too sweeeeeet! Or am i not used to this sweet soup?

花生糊 Peanut sweet soup - RM5.50
Rich, creamy, aromatic
Good ~~

炖木瓜雪耳红莲 Double boiled papaya with white fungus - RM7.00

Their signature Mango HorFun - RM8.00
Coconut flavoured jelly wrapped with mango
Juicy and meltingly soft ~~

杨枝金露 Mango with pomelo sweet soup - RM6.00 (Small)
Good but the pomelo a bit bitter la..... apparently i found it a bit pricy for such a small bowl

Behind was the Taufoofar+Almond sweet soup, which he found the combination a bit weird and i hate the taste of almond sweet soup!

My Honeymoon Desserts

No. 141, Jalan Rimbunan Raya 1, Laman Rimbunan Kepong (same row as Public Bank Kepong)

Other outlets in Sunway Pyramid and One Utama

I like their tagline

Sweet potato soup - RM4.00
Sweet potato boiled until very soft but the sweet soup was extremely "hot" with the ginger taste!

Marble Soy bean curd - RM6.00
Taufoofar with a hint of sesame...something new worth to try

Double boiled papaya with white fungus - RM7.00
Similar to the one by TinPan GoGo

I personally feel that the pricing by these 2 desserts house is a bit steep, but they do really provide a rather good service and a lot of varieties of desserts provided, just like the way i have seen during my visit to Hong Kong. Definitely will go back for more desserts!


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  2. mango ho fun? marble bean curd?? wow i wanna eat!!!