Sunday, January 10, 2010

New York New York deli @ One Utama

Bumped into this restaurant while spending the quality time in One Utama. I know this eatery is quite famous down south but this was the first time i have seen in KL...We were eager to try it out mainly due to its attractive interior design....

Lemonade - RM6.50
Mushroom cappucino - RM6.90
Lemonade was good but prefer it to be a bit more citrus fizzy
Mushroom soup was so-so, tasted something like the one from can
Tower Onion Rings - RM7.50
I thought they would have served in tower design!
This was perfect, very crispy. The accompanied sauce tasted something like peanut butter though....

Cape-Style Fish & Chip - RM16.90
This is the most famous order of the restaurant but i personally found it to be average only
The outer layer was too thick albeit was real crispy, and the fish meat was not fresh in my humble opinion...
Oh ya, the salad and chips tasted much more better than the main....haha!

Juicy Burger Supreme - RM16.50
We wanted to order medium rare for the meat patty but the waiter told us they only do it well done!
So the burger came out to be unsatisfactorily done!
We were definitely not satiafied with what was served but eventually still finish it la.....
Thumbs up to the fries anyway...haha!!!

Any second chance? I bet so for the short period...

Credit should be given to the outlet manager though, as we have complained to him on the doubt that we had on the food that we intended to order. Apparently he explained to us politely and gently on the specific reason and i was satisfied....
I wonder how the Singapore version taste like ~~~


  1. Open dy in One utama or long long ago got dy?

    I just have it in SIngapore leh...not bad righ the foods....

  2. opened in 1U quite some time already but i don fancy the food there!