Thursday, January 7, 2010

Restoran LYJ @ Sungei Buloh

We went hiking at FRIM during Xmas day and headed to Sungei Buloh for lunch at this famous restaurant after that, which means all the calories burn were restored back...haha.... The boss/chef of LYJ restaurant has won many culinary awards and featured in many newspapers/magazines and even Ah Xian Food show....

This restaurant is famous for its "Pun Choy" and many other delicacies, and was featured in many floggers' blog too

Petai "Kam Foong" fish
This is very damn syok! Like the gravy very much...a bit sweet and sour coupled with the least i could not find the same dish elsewhere...

Japanese tofu with minced meat
Average, they added in the "choy pou" which is something different

does this look like white rice with soya sauce???
the sauce is actually 猪油!
猪油捞饭..what a sinful rice! But it is really worth the try...very fragrant!

Another signature dish
Poached paku pakis and mixed with lemon sauce
Very appetising and crunchy...and we could see that every table ordered this as well....

Steamed chicken...
We didn't like this dish...found it to be so-so only...

This BBQ Pork (Char Siew) is divine!
Just melted in our mouth....a perfect combination of the fat and lean portion ...
~ Yum Yum ~

We can either order white rice or porridge to go with the dishes...
A feast that fed 5 of us...only at RM105!

Restoran LYJ
PT 11, Jalan Perkhidmatan
Sungei Buloh New Village
Sungei Buloh
Tel: 03 - 6140 2678
My next visit here will be trying their famous Pun Choy!

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