Sunday, March 7, 2010

Satay Beehon ... why no one in KL selling this????

I will always try to search for new foods whenever i am in Singapore. Those "new" foods that are not being offered in KL or Malaysia. Got the chance to savour Satay Beehoon which is pretty famous in Singapore, but i never seen it in KL. Sometimes i am wondering why as KL has many nice stalls selling satay but no one has the creative idea to start selling satay beehoon or noodles or whatever not....probably afraid of being called copycat...haha....

So this is the plate of satay beehoon that i tried during my previous trip to Singapore. With beehoon, taufoopok, taugeh, some meat strips, and full loads of satay gravy flooded in a rather small plate...cause i was just ordering a small plate at the price of SGD3.
I really like this very much. I am the person who like satay gravy, and i will normally indulge in cucumber sticks with satay gravy instead of the satay itself....Oh well, i just love the spiciness and the richful aroma of the satay gravy. Perhaps i need to visit Melaka soon for my satay celup bites!

This is the stall selling the satay beehoon @ Bugis food court. They normally sell it together with squid kangkung which we could find back home here...

Ok, am going to Singapore next weekend. Hooray!

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  1. Satay Beehoon ... Hmmm, looks good! Not many things in Singapore worth raving about (Not even their chicken rice), but I do like the BAK CHOR MEE and CHEE KUEY there :-)

    Nice blog!!