Friday, March 19, 2010

Sushi Tei @ Tropicana City Mall

Sushi Tei is a Japanese chain restaurant from Singapore. First heard about it last year but only managed to try it today, to celebrate Wai Yee's birthday, 1 of my best buddy in KL....Some say its foods are so-so, some say excellent. Well, we'll see how it goes....

What they offered is pretty much the same with other Japanese chain, with a few "new" items that we never seen in other least they serve sea urchin here (which is very NOT affordable for me lah....haha....)

Hot Ocha for us 3

Birthday girl ^^

Salmon Carpaccio RM10.80
Seared salmon with soy sauce (or sesame?), topped with alfalfa
Very fresh. Like it very much...

Chicken Katsu Soba
While the soba tasted good with a very clear and sweet soup, the chicken katsu somehow let us down with its dryness. Prefer it to be more juicy...

Salmon belly sushi (at behind) RM6.00
Salmon roll with 3 kinds of different ebiko (forgot the price)
All i can say is good. Amazing.

Grilled scallop with mayonaise
The sauce has a hint of garlic, and it's pretty filling up the tummy after eating this. Some kind of "jelak". Ended up we ate the chicken katsu together with the sauce and it tasted pretty good too...

Grilled salmon with cod roe RM15.80
Thumbs up for this!
The salmon was not overly grilled, just perfect to be eaten together with the cod roe on top. Cod roe was smooth and silky enough, a perfect combination!
I am craving more for this!

Chawanmushi ordered by the birthday girl, which we found it just normal

We also ordered the Grilled squid which was giant in size. Not up to our expectation, still had it chewy-ness, but the teriyaki sauce provided was not enough leh...haha...

^^ Us ^^
Happy Birthday Wai Yee !

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