Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nyonya food @ Ah Tuan Ee's, The Curve

My few best mates were back from overseas to KL for holiday, and we gathered together during 1 fine day for some catch up and of course MAKAN!

We chose Ah Tuan Ee's place for some local foods since they were back from overseas and wanted to eat something more local. It was about 9 am and the restaurant was a bit quiet...
Heard about this restaurant before but never tried it. Was more convinced after seeing this on their wall....

Let the feast begin ~~~
What we had that night

Pai Tee
Like the crispy skin and the fillings

Always my favourite. Like the crunchiness and tanginess of the veges

Petai prawns
The husband and wife ordered this since they couldn't find petai in Australia..
Very flavourful and best goes with rice...

I heart this...
Can't remember the exact name, a type of fried chicken with rendang gravy...
Yumm Yumm~~~

Beef rendang
So - so only...Average

My Jimui ordered this..
Eggplant with spicy sauce...
She commented was average too...

Some kind of spicy fried chicken..didn't try...

Everyone's favourite
Fried sengkuang with lettuce wrap
Gotta be careful while eating this as it tends to drop out when we bite!

Their signature
Claypot Fish Head
Generous amount of side ingredients such as okra, brinjals, tomatoes and taufoopok
I found the curry to be a little bit sour and tangy, probably it's the way of nyonya style fish head curry should be...
Not the type of fish head curry that i fancy but still it's a good one...

Nyonya otak otak
It was a steamed version...prefer the grilled one ~~~

It was a huge feast for the 10 of us. Didn't manage to finish all the dishes oredered though. But we enjoyed the precious time of us hanging together.
Looking forward to the next meet up!


  1. Jamie, you are great at your photography!!! congratulations and thanks for the lovely shots!!! I love good food too! Must admit my family and I were so impressed with your beautiful photos that we went to see if that food was real!! YEP! We have been enjoying the delicious food at AH TUAN ee's Place quite regularly since then. TQ so much!

  2. glad u like it :) thanks for dropping by... cos i didn't seem to update my blog for 2 years since i relocated to Sg :)
    Have a good day ^^