Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Daorae Korean Restaurant

Had a good Korean dinner with my good friend last Monday. Am travelling to Korea soon so has started to crave for Korean cuisine...haha... We headed to Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant in Kepong, a Korean restaurant chain that has a few branches in KL and PJ....
Has a wide selection of BBQ items
Like the tatami style dining area. Great to ease ourself

Seaweed soup to start the meal

Ordered Kimchi soup too - RM18
Comes with a bowl of rice
Very thick soup, laden with generous amount of ingredients such as vege and tofu.
Always heart this soup. My must order everytime i go Korean restaurant

A variety of kimchi starter
Next to it was Pork ribs BBQ - RM35

The ribs after it's cooked!
Very tender and juicy, well marinated.
Wrap it together with the lettuce that is served complimentary, and dip into the accompanied sauce....Yummy ~~~~

BBQ Squid, before and after
Flavoursome. This is really good....

Korean seafood pancake - complimentary too
Not too starchy, nice to be eaten with the sweet sauce

~ The aftermath ~
Only 2 of us

My good old friend
Always have lotsa things to chat about
He's getting married soon!
~~ Wishing you a bless marriage with your loved one and may you live happily ever after ~~

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