Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sun Foong Bakuteh @ Imbi

Brought the special one to try our local bakuteh ("BKT"). Just to let him compare and see whether KL or Singapore's BKT is more delicious. We were at Pavilion on a particular weekend so the nearest BKT place would be Imbi area. Was planning to go Yuk Yat BKT but no idea where it has shifted, we diverted to Sun Foong BKT instead....

I always noticed this BKT place is packed with tourist. Guess they have special package/plan with travel agency. This shop has never been my favourite BKT place due to its pricing, but it has been many years since i last visited so finally decided to settle our dinner there....

Tofu pok
A standard accompaniment in any BKT

The signature BKT
RM23 for this pot
A mixture of pork and the "spare parts"
Soup was rich, thick and very herbal. And we can get refill of the soup as well...
Not disappointing

Ordered a plate of stir fried Yau Mak to go with the BKT

The meal costs us approximately RM40-50, inclusive of chinese tea.
I think is a bit pricy for BKT, probably this shop is more focus towards tourists rather than locals...
Still prefer Teo Chew style BKT that i tried in Kepong before and the price is very reasonable too. Gonna bring him there next time... hehe....

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