Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lucky 28

Life has been good being 28 years old. Having been working for almost 6-7 years since graduated, my career has been progressively well. I am lucky to have joined a firm (although is not the big 4) that has a good working environment. A place that allows me to learn and grow. What is more important, i am lucky to have met good bosses. Bosses that always provide rooms for improvement to the employees. Bosses that never feed you, instead they guide you along and let you understand by yourself. This has made myself a more confident person, as compared to what i thought i am....
I wouldn't say that i am a perfect staff. I wouldn't say that i am loyal. I am just an ordinary employee, working in a firm, meeting the required deadlines and etc. Audit life is a hell to some people. I agree, but it sometimes depends on what you are looking at. If you wanted to learn while you still young and energetic, audit is a good place to train yourself.
I am a very shy person previously. I never have the gut to talk confidently to strangers. I never have the gut to give presentation in front of many people. I always need to seek second opinion from other people when i make decision, even though i know that my solution is already correct. Having said that, everything has changed now. Presentation to clients is normal now. I even have the confident to provide training, and also providing solutions on the spot to clients. All this has been gained from the firm that i have worked for more than 5 years. I am in the 6th year working in the firm...Ups and downs. Big jobs small jobs. You will never stop learning from audit line. It keeps changing....
I have earned many valuable experience. I have learned a lot of things. I have experienced different kind of situations. I have met different level of people, not to mention those people that is really fussy and real bugger. I am satisfied with my current progress. But i have never imagined myself carrying such a serious title - Senior Manager. Am officially carrying this title from this month onwards.... A big thank you for all my beloved bosses! And also my peers and team members in the firm!
I never thought that i will be in this industry for so many years. It has never been my first preference. I am also not sure why i am still here, after seeing so many of my peers leaving the industry one by one. Probably no idea where to go, or probably no any factor to push me to leave....
Meeting the special one who is residing in the neighbouring country was a bless to me. Will i leave to be with him? Am seriously considering the possibility to move over there, if opportunity arise or given. Things may not be the same anymore if i am leaving my current firm. Bosses have seriously asking me to reconsider. Hmm...what should i do?
Good news is, i am enjoying my 1 month break now! Haha....few travelling plans going on. Am seriously need this break to "recharge" myself, to relax, and to think of the next move for myself.
To go, or not to go? So hard to decide la ~~~~

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