Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lunch @ Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant

Never thought that i would have lunch at Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant and i got to pay for it...haha...well it was the lunch treat for the managers in my group, shared among the promoted managers...Decided to go Ah Yat since it's near to our office and it's a nice restaurant serving good food too....

We ordered 2 lunch set (1 was dim sum set) which cater for 4 pax each, we were 6 *wink* . It cost RM88++ per set and after all the titbits, tea and etc etc, the bill came to RM276.....
~ What we had on the lunch ~
My all time favourite
Fried carrot cake
Like the fluffy egge strips and the "wok-hei"

Century egg congee

Poached Kai Lan
Crunchy ehh...

Assorted roasted items - bbq pork, roasted duck and roast pork
Roasted duck was good but the others were just ordinary...

Prawn salad
Normal fried stuff

Peking duck
Yummy Yummy!
Very nice wrap skin and also the peking duck...

Siu Mai, Har Gao, Claypot vege and Beancurd skin dumpling
Har Gao was especially good, succulent and huge shrimp!

Carrot soup
Very refreshing!
Traditional style of cantonese soup

Not sure what's the name of this fried rice but it was hell yummy!
Generous amount of ingredients, rice clearly defined...

Steam fish, the waitress served to us separately
Not that flavourful, only normal
Overall i think Ah Yat is a rather good place for business lunch and formal dinner....sometimes it's Abalone set deal is pretty worth to try too....

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