Friday, October 16, 2009

Hi Tea @ Jogoya

Was on my 1 month holiday break until early to know that Jogoya is having a promotion for ladies, the second ladies only need to pay RM19.90++. So i drag Esther who is on holiday too to have our feast! We went during hi tea which is from 2pm to 4.20 pm. Altogether was only RM101, ie approx RM50 per pax. I think this is at a steal given the foods served that are the same with dinner time. I think i do not need to blog more about Jogoya anymore since many would have visited this famous buffet Japanese restaurant. Let's see what we had....

Thai coconut which is a must!


Assorted sashimi
I wallop a lot of salmon which i think it will costs more than RM50 if we had it outside...hehe...

Ebi Tempura
How can me miss this

We just love their assortment of desserts and the coffee
The cheese cake is great!

Haagen Dazs unlimited refill of ice cream!

Worth every single cent!
Time for more exercise after the indulgence...haha....

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