Friday, April 23, 2010

My Farewell (VII)

I like that the managers in my group are a bunch of funny people. We have been together as a team, leading the team members for quite some years. It is a bit pity to leave a team that has performed well in the Firm. It is a bit sad to leave such a wonderful team.
I was surprised when Ed organised the awesome seafood farewell dinner for me. And the venue? Robson Heights at Taman Seputeh. A restaurant that i read the reviews from floggers. A place that is famous of crabs, my all time favourite!

Some photo session before everyone turned up
Seong Yeen, Mie, Beth, Ju and Mandy
Girl power!

With Ed. We have been in the same firm(s)..haha...
Thanks for the guidance all these years!

with Sam, who is taking over my portfolio
Good luck!

with ManMan
miss our lunches and dinners together!

this is the mixture of Guinness Stout and Heineken
i didn't quite like the taste of this mixture, so easy to get dizzy after drinking it!

This is awesome!
Claypot crabby rice. Need to wait at least 40 minutes for this.
While the crab was a bit tad dry (maybe because it's being "soaked" too long in the claypot), we all loved the rice indeed. Very flavourful.
I really do not know how to describe but it's just wonderful...
A little bit over-oily, but maybe it's this devil that made it so amazing.
I feel like having this for dinner today...haha...


Their another signature dish
It was perfectly cooked that the meat was easily stripped off from the bones.
Rich in flavour...

Other dishes to make you drooling!!!!

Steamed 田鸡with Brands essence

Steamed fish
I don't know what fish is this but it tasted good. Afterall i love steamed fish!

Crab again!
Salted egg yolk...1 of my favourite cooking method.
They have another signature dish, Fresh water prawn with tanghoon, but they ran out of fresh water prawn that day, so we swapped it with lobster!

Another drooling!!!!
So we had have enough...everyone was so full. Another photo session to end the night (not quite!)
with Tuck Wai, my unit leader
Thanks for all your consideration given all these years. Sadly i have never work with him ever since i joined the Firm!

with JC, cute boss =)

with KH, my client once said he looked like a superstar!
We then adjourned to KW's house which is nearby for wine drinking. Didn't manage to snap a lot of pictures cos my camera ran out of battery...

Final 2 photos of the night, with the Wonderful bosses.
Thanks for everything, everything, and everything!

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