Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Teochew Seafood Noodle @ Jalan Ipoh

The area where i am staying is actually a food gem, especially local foods. It's close to Sri Hartamas, Solaris is only less than 5 minutes drive away, and pretty near to areas selling good cheap local foods. Jalan Ipoh is a long stretch of road, and nearby the Plaza Sungai Mas, there are a few food centres and lines of hawker stalls. Me and bro will usually head to this area during weekend lunch if we do have nowhere specific to go....
There is a stall selling teochew seafood noodles specifically. What made teochew seafood noodles special is their soup. Very clear but not losing it's sweetness and the oomph! I think i have blog about this before. Nevermind, i do not mind to share this little hidden gem again...
There are a lot of varieties of seafood to choose from. From the normal teochew fishball, clams, mussels, prawns, sliced MA YAU fish, even LONG TAN fish...Price ranging from RM3.50 to RM10++, depending what you order...

You can choose the noodles from a variety like beehoon, kueytiaw, yee-mee, mee suah and so on, and choose to want it dry or in soup.
This round, i ordered mussels, with additional of fish dumplings. The fish dumplings were really great!

Piping hot soup in a hot day!


  1. Hi Jamie, Can I know where is this Teochew Seafood Noodle @ Jalan Ipoh located? Do you mind to share this place? Thanks.

  2. hihi.. i dont have the exact address. but if you are coming from KL via Jln Kuching, you will see plaza sungai mas building on your right. make a 3pm turn at the roundabout and there are rows of shophouses on your right. There are a few of kopitiam there and this stall is at the furthest kopitiam.... their stall is easily to locate. Happy eating :)

  3. Alrightey thank you! :) I'll try to find the place and check it out this weekend. I'm staying around here actually but have not come across this place tho, isn't much things to eat around here compare to places in kl or pj. But I'll try it. Thx again for the info and directions! Cheers~