Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Farewell (X)

On my last day in office, the witty Natalie wanted to buy me lunch and asked my opinion where to go. I really miss local food so i suggested Yap Hup Kee yong tau foo @ Pudu. I really love theire chee cheong fun!

This time, i chose to have the ccf with curry sauce.
Laden with dried shrimp, it was a goodness in a small bowl...

There were 4 of us, we chose to have fried beancurd sheets, pork balls, bittergourds, tofu and the everly sinful, braised-fried intestines! I really recommend the fried intestines!

Oh well, another reason why i chose to go Pudu is for over 8 dozens of egg tarts from Tong Kee!
I really wanted to buy something for the friends in the Firm before i leave, so i guess a piece of nice egg tart would be perfect!

Silky smooth fillings and flaky crust...
Yum Yum!

I hope you guys enjoyed the egg tart ehh!

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