Friday, May 29, 2009

WongKok CharChanTeng @ Pavillion

I blog about this chain of charchanteng before here. I went to Pavillion with ManMan on one fine evening after work, and we decided to have dinner at this eatery since both of us were craving for some Hongkie foods...

WongKok in Pavillion is considered as one of the most affordable place to get a decent meal in a proper ambience. A very good place for some chit chat and yamcha session...

We were seated beside the glass window, overlooking the traffic jam after office hour...

Honey Lemon Ice & Milk Tea Ice
We both noticed that the size of the drink is much more than usual. Perhaps they have changed the size of the glass...

We shared this borsch soup.

Does it look tempting??
I forgot the name of this, something like HK Style rice with honey pork rib.
The pork rib is very tender and juicy..Yummy

Baked spaghetti with fish in double sauce (white+red sauce)
Frankly, i am disappointed with this. Not as flavourful as i think it should be.
Very bland, not to my liking...somemore costs me RM14.90 for this!
Sorry no next time!

We paid around RM41 for this dinner. Worthy? You make the judge...

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