Sunday, May 10, 2009

Din Tai Fung @ The Gardens MidValley

I had a small gathering with my JiMuis from hometown last Friday, in The Gardens Mid Valley. We decided to try DinTaiFung, a chain restaurant originated from Taiwan. They have branches in Japan, Indonesia, China USA, Singapore, HongKong, Korea and Australia. This is their 1st outlet in Malaysia. I was surprised as their history was published in Wikipedia. It means they are really famous in the world! I have once tried the DinTaiFung in Shanghai and was since hooked with its delicacies...and when DinTaiFung first opened in KL, i have visited it for a few times, this being my 3rd time...

At the entrance of the restaurant, one can easily see how the xiaolongbao and lamian was being made. A widely used concept in any Shanghainese restaurant in town...

A variety of dishes...we had difficulties in selecting!

Let's start!

Pickled Japanese cucumber - RM2.00
Very crunchy!

Chrysanthemum tea - RM14 per pot
Normal tea
Notice the cute baby behind???
~~ My baby ~~
Wei Wei, say hello to all the readers?
Oh well, too tired until she fall not disturb!
Got a special fan somemore..

Hot & sour soup (Large) - RM11
Too sour for some of my JiMui but it is ngam-ngam for me.
Generous chunks of ingredients being put in...Good!

The best seller - Xiao Long Bao - RM9.80
I like the texture, the skin is thin enough to cover the broth and the meat, but i would prefer if the Xiao Long Bao has more broth in it...

This is supposed to be dessert but i request to be served together...
The 3rd time i am eating this and i just don't have enough of it!
Thousand Layer Cake - RM7
Dip the cake with the accompanied condensed milk and sesame sauce, you would ask for more!
I found my JiMui enjoying this very much...Good choice!

Captivated with the photo of the Shrimp Pork ShaoMai, we decided to give it a try - RM12.80
The fillings are almost the same with the XiaoLongBao but was wrapped differently with a shrimp on top of it. This skin is thicker though....

Pork Chop Fried Rice - RM14.50
The pork chop was very juicy and tender! Believe me..i can feel the juiciness when i bite it.
The fried rice was normal nevertheless....

Shrimp Wantan Soup - RM12
Dumplings in clear soup...very sweet soup by the way...

Cha Jiang Mian - RM12
The texture of the LaMian was neither too soft or hard, very "Q". The ChaJiang sauce was normal, but when i added with some chilli oil...voila! It tasted real good!

3 cups chicken - San Bei Ji - RM16.80
A rather small portion if you ask me. Nevertheless, it didn't let us down. Tender chicken meat and the dish was very flavourful with the amount of dried chillis and gingers, and i think some of basil leaves? Nice! I like.....
DinTaiFung is located at: Lot LG-207, Lower Ground Floor
The Gardens, Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2283 2292

Oh Hi! This is Wei Wei again, with her beloved Mummy!
Cute eh? 4 months old but is already very active hanging out with Mummy...i think KarMin is training her from young..haha...

Nice dinner with a good bunch of JiMuis
Left to right: Lily, Mie, Karmin wif baby, WaiYee, PeiYee
We have known each other since secondary school, and i have known PeiYee since 6 years old! OMG time flies~~~
Let's treasure this friendship!
I love you guys!

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