Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Value for money Lunchie @ Imbi

Another lunch time in Imbi fave spot. You may read the previous entry here. This round, the gang was Mie, ManMan and 04. ManMan with her usual order of pork noodle, so we will exclude her from this post :p
04 ordered Pork Ball Noodle....

I actually tried this before and love it!
Especially the pork sausage...drooling!!! Although is fattening but no harm eating once in a while right....haha...
Garnished with amount of shredded pork..Yumm!
Dried Pork Ball Noodle (Large) - RM5.50

This is the accompanied pork ball soup...I like pork ball very much, especially this square version. Very chewy...

This is the stall selling the Pork Ball Noodle..the SiTaoPo asked me to show her the picture taken...luckily didn't ask for copyright :P

My order - Dried HorFun with shredded chicken - RM4.50
I like this konloh version. The HorFun fully absorbed the sauce and it's very appetising.
The shredded chicken tasted a bit hard since breast meat was used but still it's ok.
I like!

OOoohh....felt guilty after eating
Look at the amount of oils and sauce @_@
Very filling

A kind heartfilling meal with good lunch buddy. Till we visit here again next time......


  1. I stay in Imbi area, didn't got so much food can eat here, kk with your reference I can try 1 by 1. Thanks a lot.

  2. there are many good restaurants in Imbi..i will try it 1 by 1 too..haha...