Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jo's farewell

I received many comments that the previous post on Jo was very made those in our gang misses Jo even more. I wonder whether i did the right thing of posting that...but i felt to pen down my feelings, indeed it's our feelings on her leaving us after we have been spending the time together, being up or down....
We had a farewell for her on Labour day @ Neway Karaoke in Times Square. Being fans of "k" among all of us, we definitely wanna spend some time to enjoy the k session to the fullest before she is leaving....
Took some photos while waited for the rest to turn up.....
There were 10 of us...Mie, Jo, Esther, FwuSheng, Gaik Imm, Connie, Michelle, 04, Daphne and you could expect this:
Full of foods and drinks!
Neway has a pretty good buffet spread actually, compared to RedBox

I always hunt for this...Boiled Sea Coconut with chicken...Very sweet and refreshing!

We had the same pose...and it was coincidence!
Jo's "Jimui" - Daphne from Penang and AhNi from Melaka came to KL just to bid farewell to Jo touched!

We shall remember this day and the days we have been spending together...
All the best to everyone!
p.s.: when is the next k session ^_^

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  1. Hi Mie

    Thousands of thank you for all the posts u post about me..It's really really touching..Tat's y i rush out tt day to give u a BIG HUG!! U've been one of the best managers i had..Thanks for teaching me, thanks for taking care of me and thanks for bearing wif all my mistakes..U've been very understanding..^_^ will miss u all so much!!