Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lunchie @ Imbi..again :P

Went to Imbi again with ManMan for lunch on last Thursday. This time, we headed to this chinese shop called Win Heng Seng. A few bloggers provided some comments on the foods served here before. There are a few stalls selling local foods like CharKueyTeow, chicken rice, pan mee, pastries and so on....At night, there is a stall selling Hokkien Mee and stuff like that, which is not bad though....

Very easy to be located, it is a corner shop which you will definitely notice, since it is just in front of the traffic light, opposite Imbi Chapel, along Jalan Imbi.

Both of us ordered this - Pork Balls noodles in soup
RM5 each
It was said as the most famous food served here, but both of us did not really think that it's special. I prefer the one at MeiSin which i blog before.
The pork sausage is rather dry and the soup did not taste well also. The most delicious one would be the pork ball, which was sourced from outside :p

Disappointment was compensated by this yummy dish - Braised tofu and egg

RM1.20 per piece of tofu. RM1 per egg

This was from the chicken rice stall, and it was sold out after 30 minutes we ordered! It was very yummy, tofu was quite soft and the braised sauce has enhanced the flavour of it. I love this very much....Probably i will come all the way here just to savour this.... :p

Still prefer MeiSin..check out here and here....

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