Saturday, May 30, 2009

AhCheng Laksa @ Cineleisure Damansara

Was at Cineleisure Damansara with my friend on last Monday to watch the premiere of Terminator Salvation. We reached there a bit late, around 8.20 pm, the screening at 9.15 pm. So we grabbed a quick and simple dinner here - AhCheng Laksa.

It was rather quiet in Cineleisure on Monday. Both of us were not familiar with the eateries here, as we were supposed to go over The Curve for Ayam Penyet, but plan was cancelled due to time constraint. This outlet has the most number of patrons, apart from fast food chain so we opted to have our dinner here.. (i opted by the way..haha...)

Are you sure is best in PJ and Subang?
I think local stalls are better off than you :p

Menu is extensive with local foods and the recommended ones are definitely variety of laksa.
They have combo set as well, and we decided to order Combo 2.

Our meals were served...

Noticed they even offer extra limau for you to mix in your dishes so you don't need to ask the waiter to get it for you..sounds annoying sometimes :p

Carrot juice - very watery and sweet
Ice blended Honeydew juice - My friend said Ok

Nasi Lemak Ayam
Didn't taste the nasi, but my friend said not that good.
I got a bite of the fried chicken, a bit hard and not flavourful enough. Guess it was fried earlier and set aside until dinner time...

Junior version of Curry Laksa.
Looks good, but not really.
The curry tasted a bit bland to my liking...

Junior version of Asam Laksa
This is not too bad though, but still lack of the "kick" that i fancy...
Dinner costs us less than RM25...worth ah?
The premiere was organised by Domino's Pizza, and we received a door gift kept in a pizza box of Domino's. We were given drinks+popcorn voucher to redeem as well.... Is my firm going to have this kind of perks for the coming movie treat???

Gifts consist of a t-shirt, coupons and free pizza voucher..
Not bad ehh?

Do i have the ability to Terminate Your Hunger?

~~ Hehe ~~

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