Saturday, May 23, 2009

Restoran Setapak Teochew

For those living around Setapak/Jalan Genting Klang/Wangsa Maju area, i believe you are able to notice this restaurant, which is situated along Jalan Pahang, opposite the abandoned Galleria, and near the famous ChoongHwa school.
I don't have much knowledge on their history but i know it has been existence for many many years. I have been visiting this restaurant for a few times with my bosses and colleagues since it is not far away from our office.

I like the classic!

Visited here again on one fine Saturday...just before the lunch crowd

Their signature snack - Fried fish cake

Chewy....freshness guaranteed

Hokkien Mee

I guess they made the noodles themselves. Many of my colleagues heart this, this is our must-order dish.

But it has no enough "wok-hei" that i expected it to be...a bit let down compared to my previous visit. Different chef i guess...

Overall, it is still a satisfying Hokkien Mee, with rightful amount of flavour and the to-die-for pork lard @_@

This is the first time i ordered this

Steam White Pomphret with Beehoon

I think this is a traditional Teochew dish

I didn't see any trace of oil in this dish, and i love it very much! Very healthy dish, garnished with Teochew steam fish style of ingredients like tofu, preserved vege and tomatoes. The soup was very refreshing!

Drooling + Tempting = Satisfied!

Total damage for this lunch = Approximate RM45, mainly due to the steam fish beehoon i guess. Do try out their other signature dishes, like fried tapioca cakes, fried "white" beehoon and etc. I will definitely try their claypot fresh water prawn yeemee in next visit, cos i saw the patrons in other table ordered it and it looks so tempting!

By the way, they do sell some pastries too...check it out!


  1. the tea pot n pictures real old skool man. LOL

  2. that is what we call heritage =)