Sunday, May 3, 2009

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

KRISPY KREME! I don't understand why am i so obsessed with Krispy Kreme. I first had a try of this doughnut during my previous HongKong trip. I saw this doughnut chain on the street of HK while shopping and found this name, and i think it was lovely. So i ended up bought 2 types of doughnuts to try and i was totally melt with it.....Back in Malaysia, i was wondering why Krispy Kreme has not opened any outlet in KL. I was so excited when Berjaya group finally open this store in Times Square and no matter what, i must go and try it out again!

I am not really familiar with their history, if you would like to know, visit This is the website for Malaysia outlet. Let's continue with my Krispy Kreme journey....

Contrary to other doughnuts chain, Krispy Kreme offers a bigger and spacious area and caters for more in-house customers. Their outlet is near the main entrance of Berjaya Times Square and opens until 1 am, not sure whether it's daily or only weekend. Another good place to hang out at night...

We were there around 3.50 pm and started to queue, from the entrance! Looks like everyone is Krispy Kreme crazy too, the same scene when Jco was opened previously...

Krispy Kreme also sells some collectibles like cap, mug and t-shirt. I like the design of the mug...probably will get one in next visit...

Same concept with other doughnuts chain, we can see clearly the kitchen's operations. Mostly are well automated....

Doughnuts!!! Here i come!!!

They are offering a variety of doughnuts and drinks. The drinks list are quite extensive too. Jiun suggested to pair the original glaze doughnut with their coffee...will try this in next visit....

Doughnuts waiting to be served out.....

ArgGh!! Which 1 should i choose??!!??!!

Finally, after approx 30 minutes queuing... @#$%^&*&*^%
just for the sake of this box!


~~ Doughnuts doughnuts ~~

Must try - Original Glazed - RM2.50
A layer of sugar icing was coated on the signature doughnut
The best part is, the icing will still stick on the dough after you bite and will not fall apart....
The doughnut was very fluffy, especially when it is eaten while it's still warm
I like!

Hershey's Cookies & Cream - RM2.80
Topped with a coating of rich kreme icing and sprinkle cookies all over
Quality of chocolate used + quality of doughnut = Awesomely yummylicious doughnut!
It's just a bit hard to describe the feeling gotto try out yourself!

Almond All Over - RM2.80
Almond slices with dark chocolate topping
I like the crunchiness of the almond slices.....

Oh by the way, we paired the doughnuts with Starbucks drink next door....haha...
Esther craved for Starbucks and i craved for Krispy Kreme, so that's why the mix.
Dark Berry Mocha Frappucino - RM15 - Nice!
Hota Latte - RM9.50 - Average for me.
It's very nice to pair the doughnut with hot coffee. Go try it!

Address: Ground Floor, Lot G-08A
Berjaya Times Square
No1 Jln Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone Number: 603-2119 7373

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  1. Yeah..I was in love with Krispy Kreme and was wondering why Malaysia didn't have the outlet...(once)...
    Should try it when I'm in the city next time....