Saturday, May 23, 2009

~~ A lovely evening ~~

Mie had a lovely evening yesterday

Mie was brought to a secret place yesterday
"Someone" adorable presented Mie with a surprise and it made Mie happy for the night
Mie was very touched with his thoughtfulness...really touched!
Have you experienced something like this:
- been wanting to try out a nice and cosy restaurant for looooong, but do not have the opportunity to visit it
- has been reading good review of this restaurant from blogs, magazines, newspapers and etc and always feel like tasting it yourself
- to step into one of the Best Asian Restaurant and to feel how BEST it is
- to visit here with someone "special" since it has a very romantic ambience
Have you experience the above before? I did!
I always wanted to try out this restaurant ever since i know its existence in town many years ago. Good reviews have been provided by floggers and i always yearn to visit it as soon as i could... But still, i never visited this restaurant for so many years....maybe due do it "luxuriness" and i never did really intended to visit it again...until after "someone" brought me here....

"Someone" only revealed the exact location of this "surprise" when we nearly reach...and i never tell him that i wanted to visit here before. NEVER! Was it a destiny or coincidence.... =)

I was really touched...really...i never expect to be pampered like this and yet it happened to me yesterday... Awwww....

Tamarind Hill is set on one of the most spectacular and exclusive private hill top properties in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. A stand-alone historic colonial house, located just next to Wisma KFC along Jalan Sultan Ismail. We walked up along a flight of stairs lit by flickering oil lamps at night...real romantic...

Nice or not? ^_^

Ermm...didn't really snap many pictures of the restaurant as i did not want to spoil the mood of the night...haha..

But "someone" was supportive enough to ask me take whenever i feel to...and even bear with me and let me finish taking food pictures before we ate...
~~ Awwww ~~
OK, let's talk bout the foods!

Complimentary appetiser - can't recall the exact name
It's something like salmon, fried

Lychee fried rice
Something new for both of us
Fried rice with the sweet aroma of lychee
Worth a try!

Fried Kailan with ..... (can't remember the name :p)

Stir fry chicken with ....... (can't remember la...)
Honestly it tasted very yummy. Although it was a simple dish but yet it was very flavoursome...

This is the STAR of the dinner...for me at least
Signature Red TomYam cooked with Red Lobsters
Not too spicy. Right amount of tanginess. Enjoyed every slurp of it...

Generous amount of ingredients in this tomyam.
Baby lobster was used and it was succulent enough...
~~ Yum Yum ~~

Pineapple Fried Rice
As expected
Unable to resist the fragrance of the fried rice

Water Chestnut with Coconut Milk
A famous desserts commonly seen in Thai restaurants all over. Hidden at the bottom of the bowl is a treasure chest full of ruby reds and pearly whites, waiting for you to dig in past the drench of creamy coconut milk, and sink your teeth into the crunchy texture of the chestnuts. There were some jackfruit slices as well...
p.s: I know this quality of photo is real poor...but i don't know why the effect is like this :p
End of food blog

It was a really lovely evening, together with a cute "someone", who made me laugh whole night ^_^

I enjoyed the evening to the fullest. It has been long since i have this. I know "someone" has planned this properly and i appreciate his thoughfulness very much. I am still happy until now...hehe....