Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lunchie @ Imbi

ManMan just came back from China for an assignment. Today is her 1st day in office after being overseas for > 1 week. We headed to our fave lunch shop @ Imbi during lunch hour.

It is a typical chinese style food court where you can find different varieties of food. You can try the char kuayteow, pork noodle, chicken shredded horfun, chicken rice and so on. Too many to choose from and sometimes we have difficulties to make decision lo... Oh did i tell you that their drinks are quite nice too?

ManMan ordered Teh Si Kosong ais and i ordered Kopi Panas

I love their kopi very much. Very "gao" and got "umph"...hehe
definitely fits to coffeeholic like me...

I bought one YaoCharKwai to share. Very crispy and very yummy @_@
RM0.80 each

Malaysia style - dip the YaoCharKwai into the kopi
~~~ Amazzziiiiiingggggggg ~~~
you can only do this if you dont mind your kopi to be "polluted" by oil..keke...

Both of us decided to eat Pork Noodle...substitute the noodle by meehoon....healthier =)

can see the stall ah??

Pork noodle, filled with pork "spare parts" eg 猪润, 猪肠, 猪肉, 肉碎...
we requested for extra egg, extra kick!!
the soup is very sweet and tasty, but i think they put MSG cos i felt very thirsty after that
RM5 (with extra egg)

do u feel hungry???

simple, yummy lunch @ less than RM7.
definitely suit us in current economic situation

this is the aunty selling the YaoCharKwai.
they are selling HamChinPeng and other chinese pastry as well.
the aunty is very polite and even say thank you to me when i purchased from her.
what a lovely lady...

The shop is located near Imbi's famous Dai Shu Tao Soo Kee restaurant (大树头苏记), opposite the corner lot 7-11. Only opens for breakfast and lunch....

Looking forward to order the kopi again during next lunch trip =)


  1. wow....nice pork noodle. i like pork noodle.

  2. wow... kopi and yao char kwai, wow breakfast nearly rm7?? wow... last time only rm2++ before i flew to japan, only 7yrs... the price i gotta pay now is triple!! really i was shocked for the first few weeks when i was back last yr!! -.-"

  3. anw4ever99: it was indeed slurrpyyy...keke

    fufu: RM7, inclusive of kopi+yaocharkwai+pork noodle. we went during lunch la...the inflation not that high yet!

  4. i like the linkwithin widget ... see weather can integrate in my site or not.

  5. should try the "Gai si hor fun"(chicken hor fun)in this shop.... delicious ^^

  6. i tried it b4 and u r's super duper delicious!