Saturday, April 10, 2010

Farewell with 04 and Imm @ Shanghai 10, Avenue K

I had been to Shanghai 10 many times but i never have the chance to blog about it. Farewell lunch with Shi How and Gaik Imm was done here, suggested by they themself...
We wanted a room and was told that minimum charge was RM250. Given the huge crowd of us (10??), Ed thought we should be able to cover so we were in the room!!!

As usual, chinese tea in every dimsum session
Shanghai 10 offers Dimsum and ala carte dishes, let's see what we had that day...
Fried flat noodles with crab roe
Was specifically requested by me, cos i just loved the aromatic of this dish. Transparent flat noodles fried with generous amount of crab roe and eggs, and we saw many many many...huge shrimps lying on top too!
Definitely a very high carbo and cholestrol dish but who cares if it's awesomely delicious!
Very "wok hei" too!

A kind of pork dish that we ordered, not sure what it calls...
I had a small piece and voila!
I don't know how to describe the yumminess of this so please go try yourself!
~~ Dim Sums we had ~~
Something with scallops?

Crab Roe XiaoLongBao
Like this!

Something new...
Cheong Fun wrapped with Foochok and garnished with crab roe gravy...
Didn't try this anyway but it looks so nice!

Xiao Long Bao
Their signature dimsum and always a must order for me.
Can finish in a bite but not sure what's wrong on that day, it seemed that all xiao long bao were broken when we picked it!

Beancurd Roll

Fried "Wu Tao Kou" yam cake
I prefer fried radish cake

Sesame ball

Crab roe La Mian
Love the soup gravy....

Cha Siew Bao

My another favourite
Fried Cheong Fun
Love the way they fried it together with eggs and XO sauce!

Last but not least, egg tart
Creamy and puffy!

Imm and 04
Wish you guys all the best in your future undertaking!

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