Sunday, April 4, 2010

Nice Mille crepe @ Dessert's Bar

This was a visit to Dessert's Bar @ KLCC outlet during the Xmas week holiday last year when the special one was in town and we went shopping with Mom. We skipped lunch and had tea-time instead, and we settled at this nice eatery after tired of walking :P

Heard of this cafe from blogs, and saw mix comments. Some said it nothing special, some said it fantastic. Well, i was impressed with their desserts collection so here i was =)

Got this after making selection and payment at counter. They will serve us the ordered items....
noticed their signature "no colouring" ice cream...hmm...will try this next time...

We had:
Earl grey tea
Kiwi + mango smoothies
The Cappucino was a pretty small portion for a coffee addict like me, and it was a bit pricy given the size of the coffee. Earl grey was nothing spectacular (tea bag only ma ...haha...) but the smoothies was a surprise! Sourish and sweet enough to perk me up though :)
We just love this very much....
Honestly this was my 1st time savouring mille crepe and i really love it. I cut it by fork and ate it in the stacks of crepe, and also ate it layer by layer....both method of eating still gave me the same satisfaction!
Still remember the taste of the butter cream in between...Yummy!!!

Always heart carrot cake so i ordered this to try.
Personally feel that it was not too bad but i don't like the plenty icing in between :P

I myself feel that the pricing for the drinks here are not worth that much, but it may due to we ordered their non-signature drinks such as coffee and tea. Maybe their signature drinks like fresh smoothies and juices are worth it. Will definitely back for more cakes, crepes and desserts!!

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