Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Farewell Treat (II)

CSU3 managers friend asked me out for my farewell treat on last Wednesday. I am very touched that all of them were there for me!!! I have known most of them since the first day i joined this firm, and really happy that they still remember me even though they are extremely busy with works and we are no longer in the same group!
We had lunch at Nippon Tei, KLCC last Wednesday. Not sure whether there were any big events in KLCC that day but we had problems in finding parkings. Parking is always an easy task in KLCC so this appeared weird to all of us....Nevertheless, back to my farewell treat ^_^

My order. Special Bento??
Can't remember the name, all i know is it came with many stuff!
It has octopus, grilled mackerel, tempura, salmon and tuna sashimi, salads and a type of fried/baked rice. While the other sides were up to my expectations, i was pleasantly surprised with the rice included. Not sure what rice was that but it has some shitake, ginkgo and some diced chicken, it left a very healthy feeling to me indeed...
I love this set! Li Chain and El had the same set with me...we have same taste ehh???

With Andy, El and Elaine

This is another set that 5 of the managers chosen...haha..
Beef Teriyaki/Teppanyaki set
I could smell a very strong teriyaki flavour...beefy ...and i supposed it was nice too..

With Ngiam Ngiam
Cheeerful as ever

With Kenji and Eric
Thanks Uncle Eric who is always busy and "anti-social" but spared some time for me...hehe...

With Elaine, Wai Yi
They were my neighbours in office before!

Love the set so much until i wanted to take a pict with it!

Awesome Jap lunch
Thanks so much guys!

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