Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Farewell Treat (III)

Knowing me leaving KL soon to Singapore for good, Joey came to look for me for lunch last Thursday, together with Mandy. We were at Pasarakyat to savour our favourite dish, steam fish head!

It took quite some time for the food to arrive so we had a piece of fried Nian Gao. This stall selling fried Nian Gao is very famous, it was previously located at Imbi Restoran Wing Heng Seng. I saw they were having brisk business as many people queing to buy it after having meals...
I am a fan of fried Nian Gao but never dare to have much due to its high level of fats. This piece cut into 4 quarters was perfect! Like its crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It's actually a very big piece of fried Nian Gao itself. Lucky it's shared among 3 of us...

Their famous dish
Steam fish head 清蒸鱼头
Love its simplicity, dash of soya sauce with hints of chinese wine and lots of cili padi...
Fish head was steamed perfectly and quite fresh... Lots of Omega too!

We also had veges, 三皇蛋 and 蒸猪肉
While veges were just normal, the steamed egg was very soft. Wonder what's the trick behind. The 蒸猪肉was mixed with some salted fish. I didn't have too much of it cos i didn't have rice that day so eating it on its own was very salty ..

3 of us managed to finish the fish head, and "almost" finish the rest. 4 dishes for 3 of us were a little bit too much actually..haha
Thanks Joey for your treat!

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