Saturday, April 10, 2010

Girls' Nite Out - Seeri Authentic Thai Restaurant & TinPan GoGo

Had a girls' nite out on a Friday together with Jiun, Lily, Min and Wai Yee. I suggested to go try a thai restaurant which i stumbled upon reading a blog that i frequented. And oh yes, the decision was correct =)

The menu stated NO MSG, i didn't feel extremely thirsty after eating so i think it's true!

Found some special drink like lemongrass/pandan tea and this water chestnut drink - RM3.00
Min who ordered this said it tasted like the one from can @_@

Me and WaiYee ordered thai coconut to cool ourself due to the super hot weather!

Let's see what we had that day

Green curry chicken - RM15
This dish is their recommended one but we felt that it was just so-so only..
While it was aromatic enough, i felt that the curry was a bit watery, and the chicken tasted a bit weird. Oh we found something interesting in the curry that looked like olive...

I love this
Stir fried paku pakis - RM10

Tomyam seafood - RM20.00
Each of us had a bowl of this, with plenty of mixed seafood such as prawn, fish and squid.
Served in an old school charcoal steamboat, all of us liked this very much. Very flavourful even though it was not that spicy enough, still got the kick that kicked our appetite!

Steam Seabass - RM32.00
I knew we had to order this upon entering the shop. I saw it on every table!
The fish was caught live in front of our eyes as the aquarium was just a table away from us....
Steamed traditional thai style with lots of garlic, the soup itself was so sweet and the fish meat was tender too...

I had too much of this though....

Pandan chicken - RM15.00
Tender meat and fragrant enough....a dish to complete this awesome thai food experience!

The 5 of us had too much...we ordered 5 dishes!
Greedy max!
The meal came to RM113 (no tax), which i think is affordable, given the satisfaction of the thai food that we had.
The restaurant is located at the same row as Kayu Nasi Kandar at Chow Yang, SS2.

Feeling to have something sweet and to continue our endless conversation, we adjourned to TinPanGoGo for desserts...
~~ Drooling ~~

A personal desserts for each of us and durian pancakes, red bean and coconut pudding to share...
The pudding was very nice and Q enough ehh! We loved it very much!

The desserts bill came to approx RM80, and we spent nearly RM200 that night....
Expensive? Not really....cos the opportunity to catch up with the buddies was indeed priceless....

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