Friday, April 23, 2010

My Farewell (VI)

I never have the chance to try out any decent western breakfast in KL, other than those normal dimsum, chinese-style, nasi lemak and etc. The most "western" kind was those buffet breakfast served in hotel...
My beloved boss (now ex-boss) was supposed to travel overseas on my last work day, so we went for a nice breakfast on a morning before he flew off. Had a long conversation. Talked about my journey past these years in the Firm, how i grew up, and some piece of advice...

What we had :
American Breakfast
Came with scrambled eggs, hash brown, sausages, shitake mushrooms, fruits and basket of breads (croissant, toast bread, muffin etc)
A wholesome goodness for the morning. What you see is a person's portion. Lucky we only ordered 1 portion for sharing =)
Thanks for the guidance that you have provided all these years. I shall remember what you have taught. I shall remember your charmness and i do want to let you know that you are one of the nicest person (employer) that i have known so far....
Thanks for Everything! And thanks for the breakfast!
By the way, we were at Nikko Hotel =)

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