Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Babe's bday celebration @ Bella Italia

We have a few Jimui whose birthday falls in July. Why July is such a productive month ah??? Having no idea where to celebrate, i suggested Bella Italia @ SS2 which i blog before, and they agreed since i kept on saying it's a very lovely and homey Italian restaurant, and most of them never visited there before....

Birthday girl I
Lily with her beloved husband, Chee Loong (i hope i spell it correct :P)

Birthday girl II
Meagan (Left) with Charmaine

Birthday girl III
Regene with Mie
The cousins always end up sitting together..haha...

Regene, Mie, Satine

Ok, let's see what we had on that night....We got everyone to order 1 dish each, ended up our table was so full with foods ~~~~

Mushroom soup which i strongly recommended, and they gave thumbs up too...

Forgot the name of this soup, something with italian name

A kind of seafood soup which looked like tomyam. Like the tanginess and the generous amount of seafood, expect mussels, lala, squid, prawn and so on.....

We love this very much
Fried button mushroom
Crispy on the outside. Like the accompanied salad sauce too...

Their signature pizza
Thin crust pizza, a bit dry in my opinion.

Seafood lasagna
Like the cheesiness!!!

Salmon fettucini/linguini
Awesome! Very nice...

This is spaghetti with fried chicken strips
A bit spicy, and the sauce is a bit watery. Quite flavourful though, but the chicken strip was way bit a lil hard...

My all time favourite
Lamb Shank
Lamb was cooked perfectly well, very tender...
We love the sauce too...next time must get some garlic bread to go with!
Portion is a bit too much for 1 person, but we were sharing...

Grilled Salmon
Normal, but well marinated though....

Some kind of beef fillets
Very juicy and tender, yum yum!

The Spread
All were so full!

~ Us ~
Merry Merry birthday to 3 lovely ladies

We were full but still have a little room for lovely desserts...hehe...
Just can't resist the temptation of their TIRAMISU !!
We then wanted to adjourn to Murni which is just next door but couldn't find any empty table, although the number of tables has spread across row of shops! So we ended up to Leo's cafe, where Yoon Li joined us and we hang around..... Till we fix another gathering again my lovely Jimuis!

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