Sunday, July 5, 2009

Madam Kwan's @ KLCC

It was KN's birthday end of June and I treated him to a birthday dinner at Madam Kwan's @ KLCC. Oh well, the dinner wat at KLCC again since we need to continue our work in office after that T________T. Anyway, at least we had a good dinner before we went back...hehe...

The restaurant has been established for many many years, and it has well expanded to a few branches at Pavilion, Bangsar and Midvalley. It serves local and western delights, truth to be told, the prices here are not cheap, but it's for a reason...
You are paying at a premium to eat at a nicely decorated, air-conditioned eatery and be served by friendly, helpful staff with super quick order to serving time.
Our feast ^_^
I like this - Acar
The sourness has picked up my appetite...hehe...
Vege was crunchy enough..Good!
Reminds me of the acar made by my neighbour at hometown @_@
KN's Ice Milk - He is definitely a milk lover =)
Mie's Fresh Ice Mango Juice - Thick and juicy mango juice...slurrrppp~ ~ And it's very filling tooooo
Assam Laksa - RM12.90
Awesomely delicious!
The shrimp paste was provided separately so you can put the amount that you want.
Generous amount of ingredients, full with fish meat, like the tanginess of the soup....
A rather big bowl to Mie....could't finish :P

Madam Kwan's signature dish
Nasi Bojari - RM21.50
Combination fo 3 coloured rice served with assam prawns, beef rendang and deep fried chicken drumstick.
I like the typical Malay cooking style of the beef rendang, very fragrant. Deep fried chicken fried to perfection, crispy outside yet the flesh was tender and juicy, and it did not taste oily...The prawn looked succulent....
Birthday boy enjoying his meal

KN, Blessed birthday to you!
All the best in your undertakings!
I hope you had a blast with your loved one!

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