Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Waroeng Penyet @ The Curve

Was supposed to have an early dinner at IKEA last Sunday before SC headed back to SG. Nevertheless, it was too early by the time we reached the cafe section of IKEA, so we hang around at Ikano and The Curve before making the decision to have dinner at Waroeng Penyet (oh well....I made the decision :P ). It's located at the connecting bridge between Ikano and The Curve....still crowded even it's only 5 pm...

Food is Indonesian in nature, but the restaurant is actually a branch of ther flagship Singapore restaurant, which has taken Singapore by storm.
For those unfamiliar, "penyet" means "smashed" as the items were smashed with hammer till the meat is loosened making it easier to be eaten, accompanied by batter bits.
Tick the items you want on the slip, pay at the counter, bring along the number stand to your table, wait your foods to be served! It took quite a while for the foods to arrive, but the number stand has already warned you in advance :P

Ice Lemon Tea (RM3.90) and Jus Alpukat (RM7.90)
Nothing to comment on the lemon tea la... focus is on the Jus Alpukat. It's avocado juice and was really creamy, wonder what they mixed with. A bit bitter, i didn't like it at first but somehow after a few sips, it's awesomely delicious!

Sup Ekor
Came with big chunk of beef ribs, with some potatoes and carrots. Soup was a bit salty but still tasted good, aromatic with beef flavours ~~~ Beef was tender and juicy though...

We ordered Grilled Fish (RM9.90), as we had a pretty bad grilled fish experience the night before.
This really compensated our bad experience though, heart the grill sauce very much! Fish was juicy and still soft, and the fish skin was not hard at all...
Perfect grilled fish ~~~~
Got some additional kicap and pair with it. FANTASTIC!

Signature dish - Ayam Penyet (RM8.90)
Juicy chicken meat hidden behind the crispy layer, with an aroma of spices, the chicken was definitely finger licking good!
It comes with a serving of chicken, tempe and dollops of the famous fiery chili sambal. You can even add more from the small counter in the restaurant!

Our meal at RM40.40
Rice was separately ordered at RM1.90 each...

It was indeed a satisfying meal for us...errr....for Mie at least...

Was being commented that i consumed too much chili ehh...haha...

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