Thursday, July 16, 2009

Big Boss Birthday Lunch @ Demaw Restaurant

This is a backlog post, so happen that i forgot to blog :P ... It's a norm for the managers in our office to celebrate our bosses' birthday every year, and it's also A NORM for Mie and Elvina to be the organiser. Sigh....why can't others volunteer themselves....... It's our big boss birthday @ 26 June 2009, so as usual, a birthday lunch for him ^^

Demaw Restaurant
Tucked in a small lane just next to Wisma PGRM at Cheras.
You will not be able to notice this restaurant without being introduced.
The chef has won a few culinary awards and there is only 12 tables in the restaurant itself, with each table being labeled with the 12 chinese horoscopes...interesting...
This restaurant has become our favourite place for lunch since few years ago, but we seldom visit it anymore as it's quite far from our office at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. It's the birthday boy request to have his birthday lunch here, so here we were.....

Claypot Homemade Tofu with Meatballs

This is our MUST ORDER dish

Soft and silky tofu with the juicy meatballs (pork), stewed with their special sauce

Best eaten with rice.....

Fried HongKong Kai Lan with Salted fish

The salted fish has somehow enlightened the dish. Crunchy kailan...
~ Love it ~

Steam Ikan Bawal
Fresh as expected

"Lai Niu Ha"
Stri fried with okra, onions and chilis
Very appetising...Lai Niu Ha is awesomely least we do not need to tear it by our own ... hahaha...

Stewed Pork with Tapioca Cake
Something new to the gravy very much. Meat was very tender and juicy too...
It's something like "Dong Po" meat

My favourite
Grilled Lamb Chop with Red Wine Sauce
Yummy yummy~~~
Ok, the photo may not look tempting but if you trust me, you should give it a try....

The aftermath
After all the cholestrol and calories ~~~~
Overall ever....
Never let us leaving disappointed......
Total charges - approximately RM550 for 2 tables of 10 pax each, inclusive of a small pot of Goose feet specially for the birthday boy.
I personally think that it's not overprice, given the quality of food maintained.


  1. Hello. My name is Dave DeMaw and I live in the US. Your blog mentions the demaw restaurant and I'm wondering what demaw means in your country. The food looks very good! Best Regards, Dave

  2. Hi Dave! Basically Demaw is only a direct translation from the chinese name of the restaurant, there is no other meaning =) Thanks for dropping by, guess you were directed to my blog when you were searching your name on the net? Hehe...

  3. Jamie - Yes, I was doing a search on my name and the restaurant on your blog caught my eye. Thanks for letting me know. Regards, Dave

  4. anyone have the phone number of this restaurant?