Thursday, July 16, 2009

Herbal fix

Weather changes like us female's mood nowadays... coupled with the fact of insufficient sleep due to constant travelling and late working hours, pimples start coming up on face and tiredness shown. We definitely need something refreshing and healthy enough to re-energise ourselves!

Probably need no more introduction to this famous "Leong Cha Pou" 凉茶铺
Koong Woh Tong - 恭和堂
Still remember the outlet at Chinatown which is always packed with tourists and locals.
Always head for this shop whenever i see it as i believe very much in traditional chinese herbal tea...

Their signature Gwai Ling Gou 龟苓膏
RM7 or 8
Price has increased quite abit compared to last time but fortunately the quality is still there.
Rules of eating this is to pour the amount of honey that you like and then enjoy it~~~
Gwai Ling Gou is very effective in releasing the body heat, but i cannot take too much as it's very "凉" to my body.... so i just taxed a few spoons :P

They are selling 2 types of herbal tea
This is 5 Flowers Tea - 五花茶
RM2.00 for this cup, or RM1.50 for a small bowl
This is sweet herbal tea, but i prefer the bitter one - 24 Herbs - 二十四味
Though is much much more bitter, but i somehow feel that 苦口良药 (meaning bitterness is always the best medicine)
Continued our shopping after the herbal fix...haha....

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