Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Food Crawl (I) *SC in town*

SC was in town from Singapore for the weekend. He came to KL for a very special purpose ^_^. Am not going to elaborate on the purpose anyway...will go through what we had been savouring for these 2 days....

Had our breakfast at Yut Kee @ Dang Wangi
I frequented this shop previously when i was working at my ex-firm, which is only a block away.
Reached here around 9 am, and they were having brisk business since it was a Saturday.
Yut Kee is a hainanese kopitiam which has been established for many years (before i was born) and they were published in newspapers and magazines for the heritage value as well...

My morning cuppa of coffee
Not up to my liking, tasted a blit bland. I prefer local kopi to be a bit strong in flavour, which is hainanese style should be. I am a Hainanese and my grandpa and uncle operated a kopitiam before, so please allow me to comment a bit on this...haha...

Steam bread
Like the fluffiness of the hainan bread

Toast bread and Soft boiled egg
Like the homemade hainanese kaya. Pair it with the butter and it transformed to Roti Kahwin.
Soft boiled kampung egg which was fresh!

Visit to Yut Kee will not be complete without ordering their signature Pork Chop.
Tender and juicy, with fried potatoes, garnished with hainanese style sauce.
Truly a Hainanes style which i heart very much...
~~ Yum Yum ~~
Total charges - RM17.10.
Went to Chan Sow Lin fish head for lunch, which i totally forgotten to take photos! Nevertheless, i blogged about it before anyway...haha....
Went to The Curve for some hang out and movie, and we proceeded to Pho Hoa for dinner.

I like this wall picture very bond

I have read from blogs before on the foods served here. Good comments are much more than bad ones, and i decided to try it out. Compared to other eateries in The Curve, Pho Hoa were not crowded with diners. I wonder why....
Specialising in Vietnamese beef noodles, they even offer beef brisket and tendons which other Vietnamese restaurant is seldom offering. We can even create our own bowl of Pho. Just read their menu carefully and you will be surprised...

Lime Juice and Hot Jasmine Tea
They served tea in a small pot to keep it warm...

My Pho
Combination of beef steak and beef balls
Basically we like the soup very much. Sweet and not too salty. Flavourful enough.
The serving was very generous with the amount of flat noodles and other condiments....

Vietnamese Shrimp Roll
Contrary to the one served at Vietnam Kitchen, this tasted a bit plain. Anyway, it's a healthy food suitable for everyone...

Vietnamese Spring Roll
This is really finger licking good!
Our dinner
Oh ya, not to forget the special chilli sauce provided that comes with the Pho. Made from chili and i think dried shrimp, something new to try out with the beef noodles. It's spicy and appetising, like it very much....

Dinner cost - RM50++ but less than RM60
I think i fall in love with Pho Hoa already...haha..Pho Hoa is one of the largest Vietnamese Noodle Soup chain with over 100 corporate and franchise outlets in USA, Canada, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Macau. Malaysia's outlets located at The Curve, Mines and Tropicana City Mall.
Till then....


  1. I think I've been to Yut Kee before (few years ago) and it didn't really impressed me well. Anyway, the only restaurant that I will only go when I was at The Curve, is Pho Hoa. Really love the Vietnamese noodle and coffee with milk!

  2. Let's go together next time! I miss the beef noodles!