Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mun Kee Steam Fish Head @ Imbi Pasarakyat

Perhaps you would remember my earlier post on steam fish head at Chan Sow Lin. It has been more than 2 months since i savour this delicacy. During one fine day of lunch, ManMan suggested to have steam fish head as lunch at Pasarakyat @ Imbi. I have heard of this stall in Pasarakyat Imbi serving steam fish head either from my colleagues or bloggers, but i never have the opportunity to pay a visit. Finally had the chance ... ^_^

There are many stalls in Pasarakyat, and this stall has occupied quite a number of tables in the food court.

Other than Mun Kee which serves steam fish head, the food court is also famous for roast duck rice. Probably we will try this in our next visit.

3 course lunch for ManMan, 04 and Mie
酱蒸鱼头 Steam fish head in spicy sauce
三黄蛋 Steam eggs (with century eggs and salted eggs)
油菜 Oiled vege
In my humble opinion, the steam fish head still lack the oomph as compared to the one in Chan Sow Lin. Probably the spicy sauce version here does not fit to my liking, it looks like an instant version of spicy sauce to me. Probably i shall try the normal steam or ginger steam version of it in next visit... Afterall, the fish head was tender, and it's fresh.
And ManMan finished the Omega 3 of the fish head :P
Like the steam eggs very much. Soft and smooth like silk...@_@ drooling~~~ i know it's not easy to have a perfect steam eggs..gonna master it soon :P
Satisfying lunch with my usual lunch buddies =)

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