Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fiery Red Kin Kin Chili Pan Mee

Putting together 2 of Mie's favourite items in the world
Chili + Pan Mee = Chili Pan Mee = Satisfied Mie
Always have chili pan mee as my favourite food in my heart. Has been long since i last savour it, reason being either no time to visit the shop, or fear of stomache after eating it, expecially if i am having meeting or other function the next day.
Chilli pan mee craving keeps calling this morning and i gather a few buddies in office to have lunch today, here......
Need no more introduction to foodies in KL.
This is the most original chili pan mee in town. There is another shop opposite which sells the same food and other noodles as well, but the crowd is definitely not as many as this.

Were there just before the super lunch crowd. You could see many working peoples with smart wears waiting eagerly for the famous delicacy. Sweats all over the face and sleeves being folded over....
Had our herbal teas as drinks, or you could also take the can drinks from the fridge which is self-service. It is advisable to have drinks by your side....fiery effect soon!

Kin Kin likes to write on the wall, from its details of the branch to the rules of seating in the shop.

They have close 6-8 persons working in the shop.
Uncle in brown t-shirt is a very nice old man, think he is the owner of this famous shop.
This is the chili that made me tempted.
It may not look "clean" but trust me, you will ask for more.....

~ Before ~
Dry pan mee with condiments such as anchovies and minced meat, comes with an egg which i always wonder the way they able to cook it so nicely...
You can eat only this without the chili, but it will only tasted plain.

Then add some chili, amount to your liking
I always have more than 1 spoonful

~ After ~
Fiery red chili pan mee
Drooling...saliva dropping~~~~
The pan mee is chewable, overall tasted real good. I always enjoy this bite by bite, wonder why....probably wanna savour it to the fullest~~~
My sequence of eating this is always to have the egg 1st. Sometimes will just break the egg yolk and let it mixed together with the noodles, sticky way of eating, but still flavourful and yummylicious!
Heart this very very much

Side order
Mix balls and foochok
Something extra to go with the pan mee

Total damage - approximately RM50, for 5 pax of us
Pan mee per bowl - RM5.30
Please invite me if you would like to go as i would love to go again....hehe....

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  1. i've been patronizing this spot for over 5 yrs now, must have my weekly dose. uncle grumpy (the uncle in the brown t-shirt) is a very good friend. i have since moved to cheras, and now patronize the outlet in pandan indah. while the venue there is air conditioned and cleaner, it lacks the charm my regular outlet has. overall, my fav dish, a 11/10 rating.
    simply delectable!!!