Friday, July 24, 2009

Savoury Fish Head Beehoon @ Kota Kemuning

I was at Kota Kemuning for lunch again last week, together with my team mate. Heard from them that the fish head beehoon at MCF Fish & Noodle Restaurant is pretty good so i suggested to have lunch there. Am a die hard fans of fish head beehoon ^_^

The restaurant sells fish head beehoon in a variety of fish, such as Song Yu, Tenggiri, Ma Yau, Garoupa and even Salmon. Side dishes such as yong tau foo, fish cake and vegetables are also available. I can't imagine the taste of salmon fish beehoon....sounds weird to me. You can even order additional fish slices if you want more....

Simple set up in the restaurant, almost full by the time we left...

The lady boss said their fruit juice is pure and no water or sugar was added, but i felt my carrot juice was diluted....hmmm....

A plate of vegetables for sharing - RM8

Fish Beehoon - Fresh Ma Yau fish slices
RM 12

Additional Fried Ma Yau fish slices - RM 8.50

Fish Head Beehoon - Fried Ma Yau Fish Head
RM 12

Fish slices - Fresh and not too dry after being fried.
Fish head - Fresh and meaty enough. Enjoy the process of digging out the fish meat!
Soup - Clear broth, sweet, tangy enough for us to crave more. Creamy effect to the fullest. Awesome!
A pretty good restaurant serving authentic fish head noodles. Price wise, i would think it's a bit on the high side, but a better quality of fish is being used so we gotta pay a premium. Anyway, Kota Kemuning folks can afford to pay such, Yes/No?


  1. The fish head bee hoon is the worst i've eaten so far. Expensive and not nice. Fried fish was too hard, and the soup is tasteless.

  2. I've been to this restaurant before... That was the 1st & the last time. I found that it's not nice & the price is way too expensive.
    I prefer the Old Klang Road & Tmn Desa's.